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300mm Aluminium Louvre Extrusion

Product Name: 300mm aluminium louvre extrusion manufacturers
Material: 6063, 6061, 6463, 6082 Aluminum alloy
Color: Customized
Grade: 6000 series
Thickness: Customized
Usage: Decoration

Product Details

300mm Aluminium Louvre Extrusion with sandblasted surface treatment which is sandblasted after aluminum profile been anodized. We can offer more than 20 different colors for customers to choose. Also, other colors are able to be customized. Basic Info Product Gallery Sandblasted Aluminum Profile

Product Introduction

Retop Aluminum, a company specializing in the production of aluminum profiles, has launched a high-quality product – 300mm Aluminium Louvre Extrusion. This product is made of high-purity aluminum, coupled with professional mold design and production process, with excellent toughness and strength, and can be used stably in a variety of complex environments.

Basic Information

Product Name300mm aluminium louvre extrusion manufacturers
Material6063, 6061, 6463, 6082 Aluminum alloy 
Grade6000 series
Surface Treatment Powder Coating, Mill Finish, PVDF, Anodized, Wood Grain, Polished, Brushed, etc
Is Alloy or NotIs Alloy

Product Pictures

Aluminum louver profile
Aluminum louver profile
aluminium louver profile
aluminium louver profile

Products Details

The 300mm Aluminium Louvre Extrusion also has a beautiful exterior design, using modern fine forging methods to create a unique grain and surface treatment, making it perfectly integrated into a variety of landscape decoration and building materials. Such products not only have a wide range of application value in terms of practicality, but also provide new solutions for environmental beautification.

In the market, the 300mm Aluminium Louvre Extrusion has excellent competitiveness and market prospects. It can be widely used in construction, furniture, decoration, electronics, automotive and other fields, so as to meet different customer needs. Retop Aluminum has always devoted itself to R&D and continuous improvement of process technology, and is committed to helping customers create higher production value and user experience. Hopefully, our 300mm Aluminium Louvre Extrusion will create more opportunities and exceptional results for your business.

Packaging & Shipping

The packaging methods of 300mm aluminium louvre extrusion are generally as follows:

1. Single-layer cardboard packaging. The aluminum alloy shutter profile is packaged separately in a layer of cardboard, which can effectively prevent damage to the pattern and surface.

2. Double-layer cardboard packaging. Aluminum alloy shutter profiles are packaged in double-layer cardboard, which can avoid collision and friction between profiles and effectively protect the surface finish and color.

3. Wooden pallet packaging. Multiple aluminum alloy shutter profiles are placed on wooden pallets and packed with wrapping film, which can be convenient for handling and storage, suitable for large-scale transportation.

4. Film bag packaging. Put the aluminum alloy shutter profile into a transparent film bag, and use a portable or sling handling device, which is suitable for the packaging and transportation of a single piece of aluminum alloy profile.

A. Chemical Compositions Of This Alloy 6061: 


Delivery Time

1-10 workdays (in stock)

20-30 days workdays (out of stock)

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