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T slotted aluminum extrusion 500kg sold to Saudi Arabia

Update Time : 2024-Mar-28
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Good news! Last month our Saudi Arabia customer bought 500kg t slotted aluminum extrusion from us. We are in the process of manufacturing the t-slot aluminum extrusion for the customer.

Reasons for buying our t slotted aluminum extrusion

The Saudi customer had a large demand for aluminum extrusion t-slots when preparing for a local display shelves production project. After market research and comparison, the customer finally decided to purchase 500kg t-slot aluminum extrusion. This quantity was chosen to meet the customer’s current project needs and also to allow room for possible future expansion.

t slotted aluminum extrusion shelves
t slotted aluminum extrusion shelves

How did the customer contact Retop aluminium?

The customer typed the keyword “t slotted aluminum extrusion” into the Google search engine and came across our company’s website. The website describes in detail the specifications, performance and application of t slotted aluminum extrusions, as well as the production strength and service advantages of our company. Through the contact information on the website, the customer took the initiative to get in touch with us and expressed his intention to buy.

Our sales manager immediately contacted with the customer to deeply understand the customer’s needs. Then we provided the customer with professional aluminum extrusion t slot recommendation and customization plan.

Customer’s detailed aluminum extrusion t slot information

Surface treatmentanodized
Deep processingneed to cut into different lengths
Raw material6063 aluminum alloy
Packingplastic packing plus carton packing
aluminum extrusion t-slot information

1. The anodized surface treatment can be better in the Saudi Arabia environment, to maintain a long time beauty and durability.

2. Different cutting lengths can be made into different sizes and styles of display racks.

3. T5 hardness grade aluminum alloy ensures the stability and load bearing capacity of the display stand.

aluminum extrusion t slot
aluminum extrusion t slot

Retop can provide high quality t slotted aluminum extrusion

We use high quality aluminum ingot raw material. Then we make the corresponding series of aluminum alloy according to customer’s demand. Then extruded into t slotted aluminum extrusion. We will arrange professional quality inspectors to check the finished products. To ensure that all products are of high quality and flawless. From manufacturing to packaging and transportation we will carry out strict control. Deliver the high quality products to customers. Welcome you to inquire our aluminum extrusion t-slot!

Retop t slotted aluminum extrusion
Retop t slotted aluminum extrusion

Retop’s after-sales service

Retop will provide considerate after-sales service for aluminum extrusions. After customers receive the products, we will continue to pay attention to the use of customers. If the customer encounters any problems or needs further consultation in the process of use, we will reply to the customer in time and provide corresponding solutions.