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Aluminium curtain wall profile exprted to Guatemala

Update Time : 2024-Mar-05
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In January, Guatemala customer purchased a batch of aluminium curtain wall profile from us. Customer was satisfied with our aluminum profiles and said he would cooperate with us again!

Background of purchasing aluminium curtain wall profile

A professional curtain wall company in Guatemala has recently undertaken an exterior decoration project for a large shopping mall. In order to meet the demand of the project, the company needed to purchase a batch of high-quality aluminium curtain wall profiles. After market research and multiple comparisons, the company finally chose to cooperate with us.

aluminium curtain wall profile
aluminium curtain wall profile

How did the customer contact Retop?

The customer searched for aluminium profile curtain walls on Google, and then sent us their requirements. When we received the message from the customer, we immediately sent the product information of curtain wall aluminum profiles from our factory. The customer indicated that they needed anodized aluminum curtain wall profiles and 40 feet cabinets. They pay much attention to the quality of the products and hope to buy high quality aluminium profile for curtain wall from us.

aluminium curtain wall profile
aluminium curtain wall profile

Curtain wall aluminum profile solution provided by Retop

According to the customer’s demand, Retop once again provided detailed product introduction and solution for aluminium curtain wall profile.

1. First of all. We can make sure the quality of curtain wall aluminum profiles is in line with high international standards. We send the relevant certificates to our customers.

2. We can provide various surface treatment. Anodizing is and meets the usage scenario of curtain wall aluminum profiles. The anodized surface treatment can enhance the corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance of aluminum profiles.

3. In addition, Retop also provides flexible customization service. We customize the aluminum profile molds that customers need according to their specific aluminium curtain wall profile drawings. Only after the customer’s confirmation do we start to put into mass production.

curtain wall aluminum profile
curtain wall aluminum profile