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5T aluminium profile for wardrobes doors export to UAE

Update Time : 2024-Apr-03
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On 3.27th UAE customer paid the deposit for the aluminium profile for wardrobe doors. He purchased 5 tons of it from us. These aluminum profiles are required to be customized! Retop can customize any type of aluminum profiles according to the parameters and drawings you provide! You are welcome to come for consultation!

Reasons customer bought the aluminium profile door wardrobe

The UAE customer decided to enter the market of aluminium profile for wardrobe doors due to the company’s business expansion. After market research, the client chose us mainly mainly because of the ability to provide customized products that meet specific needs. The customer clearly indicated that it needed customized aluminium profile door wardrobe and two related accessories to meet the specific needs of its business development. At the same time, the customer also sent us the drawings of the aluminium wardrobe door profiles he needed.

Details of the aluminium profile for wardrobe doors

Surface treatmentanodized
Accessories2 types accessories for the aluminium wardrobe door profiles
Costomizeneed customize the molds
aluminium profile door wardrobe detailed information

Problems we help customer to solve about aluminium wardrobe door profiles

1. We can customize the mold of aluminium profile for sliding wardrobe doors that customers need. In the early stage of communication, the customer is more concerned about whether we can customize such a mold. By carefully checking the drawings provided by the customer, we said that we can customize the mold.

2. We can send samples to customers for confirmation. After we make the mold, we will produce a batch of samples of aluminium profile door wardrobe first. Then we will send it to the customer to check whether it meets their needs.

3. There are colors that meet the customer’s needs. The customer needs bronze color, we can provide this color and let the customer confirm. The customer indicated that it meets their needs.

4. We can provide 5 tons of aluminium wardrobe door profiles. We have 18 production lines and the tonnage of the machines is big. We can produce large quantity of aluminum profiles in a short period of time.