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Aluminium extrusion heat sink profile

Aluminium extrusion heat sink profile is radiator specially designed and manufactured using aluminum profiles.

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Aluminium extrusion heat sink profile is radiator specially designed and manufactured using aluminum profiles. A radiator is a device used to dissipate heat or reduce temperature. Commonly used in electronic equipment, computers, automotive engines, industrial machinery, and other applications that require cooling. Because aluminum profiles have good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and light weight, they are widely used in radiator manufacturing.

What is a aluminium extrusion heat sink profile?

Aluminium extrusion heat sink profile is a collective name for a series of aluminum profile devices used to conduct and release heat. Aluminum profile heat sinks have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance, and good energy saving effect. Heat sink aluminum profiles usually have special cross-sectional designs to increase surface area and thereby improve heat dissipation efficiency. They can also be machined and customized to fit different types and sizes of heat sinks.

aluminium extrusion heat sink profile
aluminium extrusion heat sink profile

Application range of aluminium heat sink extrusion

With the rapid development of industrial mechanization, the development of aluminium heat sink extrusions is getting faster and faster. Radiators are used in every aspect of our lives. For example: electrical appliance radiators, electronic radiators, power supply radiators, LED light heat sinks, automobile radiators, communication base heat sinks, locomotive radiators, wind radiators, mechanical equipment radiators, new energy heat sinks, power semiconductor radiators , inverter radiator, CPU, graphics card, motherboard chipset, hard drive, chassis, power supply, etc. in the computer will all need radiators.

Application fields: machinery, automobiles, wind power generation, engineering machinery, air compressors, railway locomotives, household appliances and other industries.

aluminium heat sink extrusion application
aluminium heat sink extrusion application

What material is extruded heat sink?

The most common heat sinks are 6061 and 6063 aluminum profiles. They are in the 6000 series aluminum alloys which have good thermal conductivity, are versatile and easy to machine.

What are the advantages of using 6063 aluminum profiles for heat sinks?

  1. 6063 aluminum profile heat sink has strong thermal conductivity. It has strong thermal conductivity and can help electronic products dissipate heat better.
    At the same time, aluminum alloy can also provide sufficient hardness. Moreover, aluminum alloy is low in price and light in weight.
  2. 6063 heat sink aluminium extrusion has low density and is easy to process. Due to its low density, the aluminum radiator can be processed into parts of various shapes and specifications. Therefore, the cross-section of this kind of aluminum profile radiator is large and regular, and product assembly and surface treatment can be completed in one step.
  3. 6063 heat sink aluminium extrusion has strong plasticity. The 6063 aluminum profile heat sink can be treated with various surfaces, with a wide variety of designs and colors, highly decorative, beautiful and durable. Can meet people’s personalized requirements.

What is the process of aluminium extrusion heat sink profile?

Extruded heat sinks are the most commonly used heat sinks for thermal management today. They are manufactured by pushing a hot aluminum billet into a steel mold to create the final shape. The most common aluminum alloy is 6063-T5, but other 6000 alloys can be checked as needed. When the material is extruded, the initial rod is 30-40 feet long and very soft. Stretch the material by grabbing the ends to create a straight rod. After stretching, the material can be air-aged or over-aged, depending on the desired final hardness of the material. After the aging process, the material is cut to final length and ready for any final processing.

aluminium extrusion heat sink profile
aluminium extrusion heat sink profile

Parameters of heat sink aluminum profiles

Materialaluminum alloy 6063
Length 5.8-6.0m,customized size
Temper T5, T6
Surface treatment anodizingsilver, champagne, bronze, black, gold, imitating steel, titanium
Deep processing ability drilling, bending, cutting, etc
Packing protective tapeshrink film, plastic wrap or accroding to client requirement
heat sink aluminum profiles parameter

Surface treatment of heat sink aluminum profiles

We can provide different surface treatments. The most common surface treatment for heat sinks is anodizing. This electrochemical process improves surface emissivity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and electrical isolation. However, it is not recommended to use coatings such as paint or powder as they act as insulators. Radiators can be anodized using colored dyes on our extrusion equipment. We customize surface treatments to meet our customers’ specific needs.

What is the post-processing of aluminium heat sinks extrusions?

One way to help maximize the surface area of an extruded heat sink is to cross-mill after extrusion. CNC machining is a very precise method of converting the fins on the extruded heat sink into pins. The pins help maximize heat dissipation, making your heat sink more efficient. In addition, we can also perform other secondary processing, such as drilling, stamping, and cutting. If you have any secondary processing needs please contact us.

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