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Aluminium handle profile

Aluminium handle profile is now widely used in everyday life. For example, hand-held parts on furniture and building components such as doors, drawers, windows, cabinets and so on.

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Aluminium handle profile is now widely used in everyday life. For example, hand-held parts on furniture and building components such as doors, drawers, windows, cabinets and so on. Handles made of aluminum alloy are of high quality and lightweight, making it the material of choice for making handles. Since aluminum alloy is easy to shape, it can also be made into various shapes of handles. It is possible to make handles that meet a variety of needs.

What is aluminium handle profile?

Aluminum handle profiles produced by Retop include many types of handles for windows and doors, cabinet handles, closet handles, drawer handles, etc. We will recommend the right handle profile for your needs. We will recommend the right aluminum handle for your needs. If you have a need for customized handles, we can customize the size and appearance of aluminum handles to meet your needs.

aluminium handle profile
aluminium handle profile

Settings of aluminium profile handle

TypeDoor & Window Handles
MaterialAluminum Alloy
ColorColor Customized Accepted
Handle TypePull Handle
MOQ 500pcs
aluminium profile handle’s parameter

Applications of aluminium profile handle kitchen

Aluminum handle profiles have a wide range of applications in furniture, construction and manufacturing, the following are some common applications of aluminum handle profiles:

  1. Furniture manufacturing: Handle aluminum profiles are commonly used in furniture manufacturing, including cabinets, drawers, closets, nightstands, tables and chairs. They provide easy handholding and maneuverability.
  2. Construction and windows and doors: In the construction field, handle aluminum profiles are commonly used for doors, windows, curtain wall systems and door handles.
  3. Commercial facilities: Handle aluminum profiles are also widely used in commercial places such as hotels, office buildings, stores and restaurants. They are used in places such as doors, door handles, drawers and display cases to increase ease of use and aesthetics.
  4. Automotive manufacturing: The automotive industry uses handle aluminum profiles for door handles, seat adjusters and other interior controls. They provide easy access to controls inside the vehicle.
  5. Medical devices: In the medical field, handle aluminum profiles are used in the control and operating sections of medical devices. They need to be hygienic, clean and easy to sterilize.
aluminium profile handle kitchen
aluminium profile handle kitchen

Features of aluminum handle profiles

  1. Lightweight and strong: Aluminum is a lightweight and strong material, making handle profiles strong and durable without adding too much weight. This is important for handles that need to be moved.
  2. Corrosion Resistant: Aluminum is very resistant to corrosion. Therefore, aluminum handle profiles are well suited for use in high humidity or wet environments. This is beneficial for windows, doors, marine and outdoor applications.
  3. Aesthetics: The surface of aluminum profiles can be treated with various types of finishes and can be processed into different colors. It can meet the different needs of customers for the appearance of the handle.
  4. Customizability: Handle aluminum profiles can be cut, machined and customized to meet specific project needs. This flexibility makes it ideal for handles of different sizes and shapes.
  5. Renewable: Aluminum is a renewable material, and scrap aluminum can be recycled and reprocessed, helping to reduce resource waste and environmental burdens.
aluminum handle profiles
aluminum handle profiles

How many types of profile handles are there?

Aluminium profile handles come in many different looks and designs because they can be customized for different needs and uses. Here are some common types of profile handles:

  1. Pull handle: Usually straight or curved in shape, used for opening and closing drawers, cabinets, doors, etc.
  2. Handle type handle: usually a handle fixed to an object, such as luggage, toolboxes, furniture, etc.
  3. Rod handle: long and thin handle, commonly used for switching equipment for doors, windows, drawers, etc.
  4. Folding handles: usually embedded with drawers or door panels and can be easily folded to open or close.
  5. Knob Type Handle: Knob with knob or rotary mechanism for adjusting or controlling equipment.
  6. Recessed Handle: Designed to be embedded into the surface of an object, commonly found in modern furniture and fixtures.

How to choose the right handle aluminum profile?

  1. Application: first determine the purpose of the handle, different applications may require different types and shapes of handles. For example, it is used for furniture, doors and windows, machinery and equipment.
  2. Material: the choice of handle material can be combined with the use of the environment to choose the right handle material. Handle can be made of different materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, etc..
  3. Size and shape: According to the installation space and the actual needs, choose the appropriate size and shape of the handle. Make sure the size of the handle is suitable for hand grip and use.
  4. Style and appearance: The appearance of the handle can affect the overall decorative style. Choosing a handle that matches the style of your furniture or equipment can enhance the aesthetics.
right handle aluminum profile
right handle aluminum profile?
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