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Aluminium profile kitchen cabinet

Name: Cabinet Aluminum profile
Material: aluminum alloy 6063
Anodized Color: Customized
Length: 5.8-6.0M,customized size
Type: ODM Aluminum Extrusions Profiles

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Introduction to aluminium profile kitchen cabinet

Aluminium profile kitchen cabinet is an aluminum alloy profile used to manufacture cabinets and storage cabinets. They often have special designs and structures to suit the cabinet making needs. Generally includes cabinet doors, drawers, frames and other decorative and functional parts.

aluminium profile kitchen cabinet
aluminium profile kitchen cabinet

Parameters of kitchen cabinet aluminum profile

NameAlloy Extrusion Kitchen Aluminum Cabinets Section
MaterialAluminum alloy 6063
Anodized ColorCustomized(natural/silver/gold,etc)
Length5.8-6.0M,customized size
TypeODM Aluminum Extrusions Profiles
Powder Coating ColorCustomized (bronze, white, grey, black, red,etc)
kitchen cabinet aluminum profile parameter

Advantages of aluminium cabinet profile

  1. Waterproof and moisture-proof: Aluminum alloy cabinets have good waterproof and moisture-proof properties and will not rust no matter how long they are placed in water.
  2. Fire protection: The melting point of aluminium cabinet profile can reach thousands of degrees, so the fire resistance is very good and it is very suitable for making cabinets.
  3. High strength: Aluminium profile kitchen cabinets have high strength and will not suffer from shaking, deformation or sagging after many years of use.
  4. Oil stain resistance: kitchen cabinet aluminium profile are oil stain resistant and can be cleaned with neutral detergent and wiped clean gently.
  5. Environmental protection: The aluminum alloy materials used in aluminum alloy cabinets can be recycled.

Application range of aluminium kitchen cabinet profiles

  1. Kitchen cabinets: Cabinet aluminum profiles are most commonly used in kitchens. They are used to make door panels, handles, drawer slides and other decorative and functional parts for kitchen cabinets.
  2. Bathroom cabinets: Bathroom cabinets can also use cabinet aluminum profiles to increase durability and waterproof performance. These profiles are often used in the manufacture of cabinet doors and drawers.
  3. Wardrobes and lockers: Cabinet aluminum profiles can be used to manufacture door panels and handles for wardrobes aluminium profiles, lockers and built-in cabinets.
  4. Medical facilities: In hospitals and medical facilities, aluminium kitchen cabinet profiles can be used to make door panels and handles for medical cabinets, medicine cabinets and storage cabinets to ensure hygiene and easy cleaning.

Surface treatment methods of cabinet aluminum profiles

  1. Anodizing: Anodizing surface treatment is a chemical method to form an oxide film on the surface of aluminum finishes. Anodized aluminum profiles will be more resistant to corrosion, wear and heat.
  2. Spray coating: Spray coating uses electrostatic powder adsorption to form a film on the surface of matt aluminum profiles. The sprayed aluminum material is beautiful and has a long service life.
  3. Wood grain transfer: It is formed by coating the sprayed aluminum profile with an oxide film, vacuuming, and then thermal transfer.
  4. Sandblasting: This surface treatment method is to sandblast first and then anodize.

Packaging methods of aluminium profile cabinet doors

  1. Plastic Bundles with paper inside.
  2. Plastic outside bundles no paper inside.
  3. Shrink Wrap.
  4. Adhesive Tape on surface with plastic outside bundles.
  5. Adhesive Tape on surface without plastic outside bundles.
  6. Paper Package outside bundles Type 7 Pallet for short profiles 5.85/6m for 20GP or 6.5/7.25m for 40HC or customized.
different packing method of aluminium profile cabinet
different packing method of aluminium profile cabinet

Which aluminum is best for kitchen cabinets?

Choosing the best aluminum alloy for cabinet aluminum profiles depends on several factors. The following are several aluminum alloys commonly used to make aluminium profile kitchen cabinets:

  1. 6063 aluminum alloy: 6063 aluminum alloy is a common material used to make cabinet aluminum profiles. It has good processability and is suitable for extrusion and processing into various cross-sectional shapes, such as T-shaped, angle-shaped, tube-shaped, etc.
  2. 6061 Aluminum Alloy: 6061 aluminum alloy is a high-strength aluminum alloy suitable for use in the support structure of cabinets or components that need to withstand heavy loads. It is often used to make the frames and structural parts of cabinets.
  3. Wood transfer aluminum alloy: Wood grain aluminum alloy is an aluminum alloy with a wood grain appearance and is usually used to make imitation wood cabinets. Wood grain aluminum alloys are often used in cabinet exterior panels and door panels to provide a wood look while maintaining the performance benefits of aluminum.

When choosing the right aluminum alloy for your cabinet aluminum profiles, you should consider factors such as the cabinet’s design, required durability, finish options, and budget. Retop Aluminum Profiles welcomes your consultation at any time!

Is aluminum good for kitchen cabinets?

Yes, aluminum is a material commonly used to make aluminium profile kitchen cabinet and has many advantages that make it suitable for use in kitchens and home environments.

  1. Lightweight: Aluminum is a lightweight metal that makes cabinets easier to install and move, making them very convenient.
  2. Corrosion resistance: Aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance and will not rust. This is especially important for kitchen cabinets, which are constantly exposed to water and moisture.
  3. Modern appearance: In the process of making cabinet aluminum profiles, different appearances can be made. It can be mirror-bright, or frosted, wood grain or other decorative effects.
  4. Customizability: Aluminum profiles can be easily processed into various shapes and sizes to suit different cabinet design needs. This makes it possible to create custom cabinets.
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