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Aluminium profile t slot 丨t-slot aluminium extrusion

Aluminium profile t slot is a special-shaped aluminum profile, usually with a T-shaped cross-section. They are commonly used.

Product Details

Aluminium profile t slot is a special-shaped aluminum profile, usually with a T-shaped cross-section. They are commonly used to build various structures, offering numerous possibilities for connection, fixation and support. The name of the T-slot aluminum profile comes from the shape of its cross-section. One side is T-shaped with a vertical bulge, and the other side is a flat base.

What is aluminium profile t slot?

T-slot aluminum profile is a widely used aluminum profile. Various products formed using it can be seen on many occasions. It is mainly used for assembly to form various platforms, frames and buildings, etc. The T-slot aluminum profiles produced by Retop are available in different sizes and specifications to meet your different needs. Welcome to consult us at any time!

Aluminium profile t slot
aluminium profile t slot

Detailed information of t-slot aluminum extrusion

NameT-slot aluminum profiles
Deep processingCutting, drilling, punching, bending etc
Surface treatmentMill finish, anodizing, powder coated, sandblasting
Material GradeAlloy 6000 Series
Series20. series T slot
ColorSilvery white, black, golden, champagne, dark bronze or according to your requirement
Delivery Time8-14 days
parameter of the t-slot aluminum extrusion

What is t-slot aluminum used for?

A t slot aluminium profile is a special t-slot structural framing commonly used in various construction, manufacturing projects and exhibitions. Their range of applications is very wide.
Application areas: aluminum trolleys, aluminum workstations, aluminum partitions, aluminum display racks, industrial equipment frame components.

T-slot aluminum application
t-slot aluminum application

What is the difference between aluminum profile t-slot and v-slot?

The two forms of aluminum profiles have the following main differences:

Cross-sectional shape
T-slot aluminum profile: The cross-section of the T-slot aluminum profile is in the shape of a “T”, with a horizontal top and a vertical bulge. This raised shape makes it look like the Latin letter “T”, hence the name.
V-groove aluminum profile: The cross-section of the V-groove aluminum profile is in the shape of a “V”, with two sloping upward edges forming a V-shaped groove in the middle.

T-slot aluminum profiles: T-slot aluminum profiles are commonly used to build frames, support structures, mechanical installations and other projects that require vertical and horizontal connections. They are widely used in machine manufacturing, construction, furniture manufacturing and other fields.
V-groove aluminum profiles: V-groove aluminum profiles are often used to make guide rails, sliders, and other applications that require movement along the V-groove. They are commonly found in linear guide systems, automation equipment and sliding mechanisms.

Connection method

T-slot aluminum profiles: The T-slots of T-slot aluminum profiles are typically used to accept bolts, nuts, and other connections to build frames and structures.
V-groove aluminum profiles: V-groove aluminum profiles are often used to support and guide moving parts, such as sliders or guide rails. Their V-shaped grooves provide guidance and positioning.

What is the size of aluminum t-slot profile?

We produce T-slot aluminum profiles in various models and sizes. According to different application scopes, the sizes of T-slot aluminum profiles are different. For example, we produce series T slot.

The dimensions of T-shaped groove aluminum profiles generally include: T-shaped groove width (W), T-shaped groove height (H), T-shaped groove depth (D), T-shaped groove bottom width (B), T-shaped groove wall thickness (T ). Their measurement units are generally millimeters.

Colors of t-slot aluminum profiles

T-slot aluminum profiles are generally available in silver anodized and black anodized. Of course there are many other colors, for example, gold, champagne, black, bronze. Can meet your different color needs. We also support customizing other colors.

What are the accessories for T-slot aluminum extrusions?

  1. Fastening elements. T-Nuts, Follow-on T-Nuts, Sliding T-Nuts, Square Nuts, Top Load, Torque Nuts, T-Bolts and Reducing Bolts.
  2. Connecting components. Anchor connectors, die-cast brackets, inner brackets, linear rod connectors, connecting plates, cubic connectors, etc.
  3. Profile accessories. End caps and T-slot caps.
  4. Floor elements. Leveling feet, mounting plate, base plate, caster plate, bottom corner, L-shaped base, leveling casters, etc.
accessories for T-slot aluminum extrusions
accessories for T-slot aluminum extrusions

Main features aluminium profile t slot

  1. Versatility: The versatility of T-slot aluminum profiles makes it suitable for a variety of applications, including mechanical frames, brackets, workbenches, conveyor systems, display racks, etc.
  2. Easy to process: These profiles are easy to cut, drill, weld and assemble, making them highly customizable and highly flexible.
  3. Connectivity: T-slot aluminum profiles have channels that can be easily connected with bolts, nuts, nesting and other accessories.
  4. Lightweight and strong: Aluminum is lightweight yet strong, making it suitable for applications that require strength but don’t want to add too much weight.
  5. Reusable: These profiles can be disassembled and reused, making them ideal for projects that require frequent changes or upgrades, helping to save costs.

Aluminium profile t slot connection method

The assembly of aluminium slot profiles involves a variety of related accessories. And there are different connection methods between these accessories. Generally speaking, these connection methods can be divided into two main categories:

Internal connections: This type of connection includes the use of internal fittings such as bolts and nuts, built-in connectors, anchor pins, chutes, etc.

External connection: External connection methods involve many accessories, including corner pieces, steering angle pieces, three-dimensional connectors, movable connectors, T-shaped connecting plates, L-shaped connecting plates, hinges, etc.

T-slot aluminum profile installation display

T-slot aluminum profile installation
t-slot aluminum profile installation
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