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Why many people choose aluminium slat ceiling?

Update Time : 2023-Dec-20
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Aluminium slat ceiling can provide you with a unified architectural style and a beautiful living and leisure environment. Ceiling aluminum profiles can be made into various shapes and colors. So you have many choices. There are many kinds of ceiling aluminum profiles produced by us Retop, which can meet your different needs. With the continuous development of the times, more and more people choose to use ceiling aluminum profiles that belongs to the decoration aluminium profile. Then what is the reason for this phenomenon?

Aluminium wood ceiling
Aluminium wood ceiling

Aluminium slat ceiling have a wide range of applications

Aluminium slat ceiling have a wide range of applications. Therefore many customers will choose to use this aluminum profile. The following are the occasions when ceiling aluminum profiles are often used:.

Exterior walls of buildings, beams and columns, balconies; waiting halls, waiting halls; conference halls, opera houses; stadiums; reception halls and so on. It is the most occasions to use ceiling aluminum profiles.

Characteristics of aluminium profile ceiling

1. Beautiful appearance. Ceiling aluminum profiles have many colors, a variety of colors to choose from. In addition, there are many kinds of wood grain to choose from. Such a variety of finishes help you get various decorative styles you need.

2. A variety of auxiliary functions to choose from. In addition to being a material for decorating buildings, aluminium slat ceiling also have practical functions. For example, it can help the space achieve better ventilation.

3. Quick and easy installation. Ceiling aluminum profiles are lightweight, so workers can easily lift and install them. And the installation is very simple, saving time and labor.

4. Very durable. As the ceiling aluminum profile is made of aluminum alloy. So it has excellent characteristics such as durability, anti-corrosion, fireproof and so on.

5. Certificate guarantee: the ceiling aluminum profiles produced by Retop will pass ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, CE, GB/T28001-2011, SGS test and so on.

Aluminum ceiling system have various shapes

1. Different shapes

Aluminium sheet ceiling, aluminium tile ceiling, arc, bar spacing, square seal, façade grille, spherical, wavy, polygonal, openwork parquet

2. Various surface treatments

Polyester powder, polyester paint, aluminium wood ceiling, pre-roller coating, printing, imitation stone grain, real stone paint, laser spraying, ceramic, hand feeling wood grain, anodized, frosted, brushed, enameled, plating and so on.

Advantages of aluminium wood ceiling

1. Light weight, good steel, high strength thick aluminum plate per square counterweight 8kg, tensile strength 1-28n/mm2.

2. Good workmanship. Using first processing and then painting process, aluminum can be processed into a plane, arc and spherical and other complex geometric shapes.

3. Various colors. Advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the adhesion between the paint and the aluminum plate uniform and consistent, with a variety of colors and a large selection space.

4. Simple maintenance. Aluminium slat ceiling surface smooth, not easy to stain, easy to clean and maintain. Because of the non-adhesion of fluorine coating film, the surface is difficult to adhere to the pollutants, more good to clean.

5. Favorable to environmental protection. Ceiling aluminum profiles can be recycled and reused, conducive to environmental protection. Aluminum plate recycling rate is high, high recycling value.