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Aluminium sliding door profiles

Aluminium sliding door profiles is a special aluminum alloy profile used to manufacture sliding doors. Most people use it for indoor.

Product Details

Aluminium sliding door profiles is a special aluminum alloy profile used to manufacture sliding doors. Nowadays, most people use sliding doors for indoor partitioning and decoration. Aluminum profiles for sliding doors are easy to install, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant, and are the preferred materials.

What is aluminum sliding door profiles?

Aluminum sliding door profiles are the main structural components of sliding door frames. They provide strength, durability and improved thermal efficiency to the door system. Aluminum is a popular choice for sliding door frames due to its lightweight properties, excellent weather resistance and low maintenance requirements.

Aluminium sliding door profiles
Aluminium sliding door profiles

Specifications of aluminum sliding door extrusions

NameAluminum sliding door profiles
Material6063-T5 aluminum profile
ColorCustomized color
SizeCustomized size
Thickness0.2-20mm or customized
Aluminum sliding door extrusions parameter

Usage of the aluminium profile sliding

Aluminum profile sliding door is a common door type, usually used indoors and outdoors, such as balcony doors, patio doors, indoor partition doors, etc. The characteristic of this kind of door is that it can be opened and closed by pushing and pulling on a horizontal track without swinging in and out, so it is suitable for places with limited space or where space needs to be saved.

aluminium profile sliding using scope
aluminium profile sliding using scope

Colors of aluminium sliding wardrobe door profiles

Usually, the colors commonly used in our aluminum profile door series are silver, white, black, bronze, champagne, and wood grain transfer. However, each customer has different preferences and needs in the place they use, and will have different color requirements. We will customize the color according to your needs.

What are the benefits of using aluminum profiles for sliding doors?

  1. Save space. Aluminum profile sliding doors are parallel sliding and take up little space, meeting the need to save indoor and outdoor space.
  2. Reduce the number of maintenance times. Aluminum profile sliding doors are generally made of aluminum profiles as frames around the glass. These materials are highly corrosion-resistant and not easily deformed.
  3. Easy and convenient. Aluminum profile sliding doors are lightweight and effortless for daily use.
  4. Beautiful. It can be processed into various colors and patterns to meet various appearance requirements.

Features of aluminium sliding door extrusions

  1. High-quality usage functions. Aluminum alloy doors have high resistance to wind pressure, air infiltration, and rainwater leakage, and can meet the needs of high-end door aluminum profiles.
  2. Beautiful. Aluminum alloy doors can be made into various colors and shapes, with glossy surfaces and small frame glass proportions.
  3. Light weight. The density of aluminum profiles is 1/3 that of steel, and its strength is high. Aluminum profiles for windows weigh about 5KG per square meter, which is much lighter than steel and plastic.
  4. Durable. Aluminum profiles have good corrosion resistance through surface treatment. They are not afraid of moisture and sunlight. They do not deform at high temperatures or become brittle at low temperatures. They are suitable for various climate environments.
  5. Easy to process. Aluminum profiles can be processed into complex cross-sectional shapes with high precision. The processing technology of aluminum alloy doors is relatively simple and easy to implement.
aluminium sliding door extrusions
aluminium sliding door extrusions

Tips for purchasing aluminium sliding door track profile

There are various aluminium sliding door track profile on the market now. High-quality sliding door profiles will be made of aluminum, strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloys, which are tougher. The thickness can reach more than 1 mm. Lower quality profiles are recycled aluminum and do not have the same toughness or service life. Here are some buying tips:

  1. Look at the cross section of the aluminum profile. Some businesses may use recycled aluminum profiles to surface-color them. Therefore, when consumers are purchasing, they should ask merchants to display the cross-section of the product profile to understand the actual material.
  2. Look at the pulley. The sliding door has two sets of upper and lower pulleys. A good upper pulley has a complex structure and contains bearings and aluminum blocks. It slides smoothly and makes almost no noise.
  3. Sliding has its own weight. When choosing, don’t think that the smoother and lighter the sliding door is, the better. In fact, high-quality sliding doors should have a certain weight when sliding, smooth and without vibration.
  4. Design of ground rail. When purchasing, you should choose a style that feels good on your feet and is conducive to hygiene and hygiene. At the same time, it is generally safest if the height of the ground rail does not exceed 5 mm.

Technical support and services provided by Retop

  1. Provide customized services. We will use computer-aided design sketches based on the drawings and parameters provided by the customer, and then make the model. Various colors can also be customized.
  2. Warranty service. We will go through three layers of quality inspection before shipping to ensure that your aluminum profiles are of high quality, intact and meet standards.
aluminium sliding door track profile factory
aluminium sliding door track profile factory
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