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Modern aluminium pergola-beautiful and practical

Modern aluminium pergola is a pergola with a roof or sides made using aluminum profiles. It helps the users to enjoy the outdoor environment.

Product Details

Modern aluminium pergola is a pergola with a roof or sides made using aluminum profiles. The use of aluminum pergola helps the users to fully enjoy the outdoor environment and stay protected from bad weather. The raw material of aluminium louvered pergola is aluminum profile, which has strong corrosion resistance and durability. People can not worry about the effects of rain and sun exposure on aluminum pergolas. In addition, with the continuous research on people’s needs. Nowadays the aluminum pergola is more intelligent. Therefore, in order to save energy, people can choose motorized louvered roofs. There are manual aluminum pergolas and motorized aluminum pergolas manufactured by Retop. You can choose the right pergola bioclimatique aluminium according to your needs.

Modern aluminium pergola
Modern aluminium pergola

Brief introduction of modern aluminium pergola

Aluminum pergola kits are aluminum components used to build pergolas, sunrooms and other building structures. A complete aluminum pergola requires different parts to make it up. For example, aluminium pergola with louvered roof, aluminium frame pergola, aluminium beams for pergola, aluminum pergola LED lights, aluminum pergola parts and so on. Free shade, rain, and light can be achieved by adjusting the top of the aluminum pergola. These profiles of aluminum pergola are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and weather-resistant. This makes it ideal for outdoor environments and provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Due to the different needs of each customer and the different applications, different sizes of aluminum pergolas are required. We, Retop, can provide customized service. Create the right size aluminum pergola for your patio.

Modern aluminium pergola
Modern aluminium pergola

Different kinds of aluminium louvered pergola

There are many types of modern aluminium pergola.

1. Divided according to the way of use. Aluminum pergola has electric and manual.

2. Divided by function. Aluminum pergolas have roofs, side shelters, and LED lights.

3. Divided according to the installation location. Aluminum pergolas have the following classifications:
A- freestanding pergola.
Pergolas are designed to stand freely in a space without resting on any building. Aluminum pergolas vary in size and the number of aluminum frames used. The supporting frames can stand on 4 or 6 legs. Each leg stands on a footing of 300 x 300 mm minimum.
B- Aluminum pergola fixed to the house wall.
The beams of the aluminum pergola are parallel to the wall and the shorter side of the pergola is fixed to the wall. This side is usually used to install a store supply system.
C- Longer part of the pergola is fixed to the wall.
The longer side of this type of modern aluminium pergola is fixed to the house. The other parts are supported by aluminum profiles.

Pergola bioclimatique aluminium components

Building a complete aluminum pergola usually requires different components, here are the main ones:

1. Primary and secondary beams: This component is used to support the main frame of the aluminum pergola. According to the needs of different customers, we, Retop, will customize the required length and width according to your needs.

2. Column: This part is the vertical pillar which is mainly responsible for supporting the main and secondary beams.

3. Connectors: Used to connect various components to ensure the stability of the whole structure. For example: profile connectors, connecting plates, bolts and nuts, connecting angles, snap systems, etc.

4. Roof covering support: If the pergola has a roof, it may also include special profiles to support the roof covering.

5. Aluminum pergola roof and side covering part: Generally the roof of the aluminum pergola is composed of one piece of aluminum louvers, which can be controlled to adjust the angle. The side of aluminum pergola can be aluminum louvers or special fabric. Customers can choose the right aluminum pergola according to their needs.

 Components of pergola bioclimatique aluminium
Components of pergola bioclimatique aluminium

What is the function of wall mounted pergola aluminium?

Usually used in outdoor places, aluminum pergola with various functions is the first choice for outdoor shade building, here are the main functions of aluminum pergola:

1. Shade: One of the main functions of aluminum pergolas is to provide shade. By blocking the sun, pergolas can create a cool and comfortable environment in outdoor spaces. People can get shelter from the heat in hot weather.

2. Rainproof: Modern aluminium pergola have roofs that effectively block rainwater and can protect the space under the roof from rain. So this makes aluminum pergolas ideal for outdoor event spaces.

3. Creating recreational spaces: Aluminum pergolas are usually built in areas such as patios, gardens, and terraces. People can place furniture in these areas for resting, chatting, reading or dining.

4. Parking Shelter: Aluminium louvered pergola can also be used as parking shelters to provide shelter for vehicles and protect them from the sun and rain.

5. Outdoor restaurants or cafes: In commercial establishments, we often see aluminum pergolas commonly used to create dining areas for outdoor restaurants or cafes. They provide an open and comfortable place for customers to dine.

Wall mounted pergola aluminium
Wall mounted pergola aluminium

Great features of aluminium pergola for sale

1. Favorable for ventilation. Generally the top of aluminum pergola is a shutter that can be rotated. When ventilation is needed, we can adjust the tilt of the shutters to get more circulating air.

2. Adjustable brightness. Similarly we can control the intensity of sunlight entering the aluminum pergola. Also we can get different temperature.

3. Add zoning: Aluminum pergolas are usually used to separate different areas of the garden. In this way it is possible to create different themes within a garden, as well as separate dining and resting areas.

4. Create green screens. Modern aluminium pergola can be used anywhere and anytime to create partitions or lattices similar to those used on roofs.

5. egulate air circulation. The aluminum louvered roof that can be tilted Hot air flows upwards and can therefore be dispersed through the open slats, while fresh air flows in from underneath the pergola.

Aluminium pergola for sale
Aluminium pergola for sale

What are the advantages of aluminum pergola?

1. Modern style. Aluminum pergolas have a clean look and lines that match modern architectural styles. Many customers like the appearance of such aluminum pergola. We Ruetop can also customize the color and style of aluminum pergola according to your needs.

2. High-quality double-layer aluminum shutters. Our high quality aluminum pergola is made of high quality aluminum profiles for long time use. The double-layered aluminum shutters are designed to protect your outdoor space from heavy rain, snow and other harsh elements.
3.Easy to assemble. We Retop provide aluminum pergola materials along with instruction manuals and installation videos. Even if you are not a professional installer, you can learn to assemble it.

3. Wide range of use scenarios. Aluminum pergola can be installed in any scene you need. For example your garden, poolside, roof, balcony or terrace.

4. Integrated drainage. The modern aluminium pergola manufactured by us, Retop, has an excellent integrated drainage feature to easily manage standing water. This feature is very helpful in preventing water buildup to create a clean and dry environment.

Aluminum pergola
Aluminum pergola

Finishs of aluminium louvered pergola

Many aluminum pergolas are powder coated. Powder coating is available in a variety of different colors. Generally the most common colors that customers use for powder coating are RAL colors. You can pick any RAL color. We, Retop, can also customize any other colors according to your needs. Welcome to consult us! Here are the aluminum pergola profiles we produce:

Aluminium pergola’s parameter

Material Aluminum alloy 6005 T5
Span Blade 4500mm, beam 7000mm
Drain 100*65*2mm
Post 126*126*2.5mm
FinishPowder coated / PVDF can match any RAL color
Drainage Concealed drainage system
Options Side curtains / LED lights / weather sensors / heaters, etc.
Quality control Pre-assembled
parameter for modern aluminium pergola

Customized modern aluminium pergola from Retop

The size of each part of the aluminum pergola profile is adjustable. As long as you need customized service, we can make your aluminum pergola according to the demand. Especially in terms of appearance, we can customize the aluminum pergola corresponding to your architectural style. Create a beautiful and independent space for you. In addition to the effect of decorating the yard, aluminum pergola has many practical functions. The aluminum pergola manufactured by Retop is high quality and easy to maintain, so you don’t need to clean it often after installation. This saves you a lot of time and energy.
In addition to aluminium pergolas, we can also provide you with various types of aluminum profiles for doors and windows, aluminum profiles for cabinets, industrial aluminum profiles and so on. The various aluminum profiles we produce have been sold to many countries, for example, Uganda, Tanzania, Qatar, Guatemala, Russia, Bolivia and so on. You are welcome to inquire anytime!

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