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Light weight telescopic rod aluminum alloy

Telescopic rod aluminum alloy is very easy to use for your home. It can be applied as a bridge between two walls.

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Telescopic rod aluminum alloy is very easy to use for your home. It can be applied as a bridge between two walls. People can use it in any area of the house. It can be used to hang curtains, clothes, shower curtains and so on. In addition to that, aluminum telescopic pole is easy to install. Since it is a telescopic pole, the length can be adjusted according to the area where it is installed. Therefore, there is no need to make holes in the wall when installing an telescopic rod aluminum alloy, and no other tools are needed to complete the installation.

Introduction of telescopic rod aluminum alloy

Telescopic rod aluminum alloy is formed by extruding aluminum alloy material into aluminum round tube profile and then assembling it. Aluminum telescopic pole can be adjusted in length. Therefore, they can be installed in many places in the house. There are many kinds of aluminum alloy telescopic poles. There are different colors, specifications and installation methods. So users need to pick the right aluminum telescopic pole according to their needs. Most of the aluminum telescopic poles in the market nowadays are tool-free. Users only need to select the installation area, directly put the telescopic rod aluminum alloy in the middle and the installation will be successful. Many customers choose to use these tool-free telescopic poles due to the convenience of installation.

telescopic rod aluminum alloy
telescopic rod aluminum alloy

Types of aluminum extension telescopic pole

There are many types of aluminum extension telescopic pole, which are suitable for different applications. The common ones are bathroom telescopic rods, balcony telescopic rods, coat hangers, curtain hanging rods, shower curtain rods, door curtains and closet supports.

1. Bathroom telescopic rod aluminum are usually used to dry clothes. Choose aluminum alloy telescopic rod has good moisture resistance.

2. Balcony telescopic, as the name suggests, is installed on the balcony, used to dry clothes, or other relatively large items.

3. No-hole drying rods and hangers are used for drying clothes, they are designed to be convenient and flexible and can save space.

4. Telescopic rod aluminum alloy is usually used above the window, mainly used to install curtains.

5. Shower curtain rods are suitable for installation in the bathroom, usually used to hang shower curtains.

6. Door curtains and closet supports are common home accessories that can play a decorative and supportive role.

The above different kinds of aluminum alloy telescopic rod can be applied to different occasions. Therefore, when buying a telescopic rod, you need to choose the right style according to your needs.

aluminum extension telescopic pole
aluminum extension telescopic pole

Working principle of telescopic rod aluminum

Different types of telescopic poles work differently. Here are a few common types of aluminum telescopic poles that work.

1. Shower curtain rod. Shower curtain telescopic rod aluminum alloys are the support rods used to hang shower curtains. This type of telescopic rod is simple to use and therefore easy to replace. Shower curtain telescopic rods are internal and external tube structures. That is, a small tube extends into a large tube. The shower curtain rod is then held in place using internal clasps, springs, or screws. Then the user can hang the shower curtain, which is convenient for users who need to simply decorate their bathroom.

2. Tool-free aluminum extension telescopic pole. This type of telescopic rod is divided into the internal screw rotating type and spring type.
a. Internal screw type: Pull the aluminum alloy telescopic rod to the specified distance by eccentric locking the inner and outer tubes. Then rotate the screws of the inner tube to tighten it.
b. Spring type: This type of telescopic rod is made by fixing the spring on the inner tube through the stamping process, so that the distance it is pulled out is longer than the required distance. Then press the inner tube into the outer tube to hold the boom.

3. The screw-fixed type also becomes the combination pole. It is used in corners or when only one side of the boom is in contact. It can be assembled into L-shape or U-shape by fittings, and then fixed on the wall by screws.

Advantages of telescopic rod aluminum alloy

1. Easy to install. Telescopic rod aluminum alloy is very lightweight, and flexible and convenient. When installing, it only needs a gentle push to complete.

2. No damage to the house. Aluminum alloy telescopic pole can be freely extended and retracted, the installation does not require drilling, and there is no damage to the decoration of the room.

3. Strong adaptability. Because it is a telescopic curtain rod, it can be placed in many places such as balcony, bathroom, living room and so on.

4. Strong firmness. The retractable curtain rod is very strong and will not fall down easily.

5. Beautiful. Aluminum alloy telescopic rod can have many colors and styles, beautiful. Customers can pick the telescopic rod that matches the style of their room.

telescopic rod aluminum alloy
telescopic rod aluminum alloy

The role of telescopic aluminium rod

A telescopic pole is a rod supported by a telescopic mechanism that can be freely retracted and locked. Here are a few common roles of telescopic poles:

1. Mobile support. Telescopic rod aluminum alloy can be adjusted in height by shortening or extending their length. As a temporary support or to support certain devices, such as building work platforms, supporting scaffolding, repairing vehicles and so on.
2. Stretching and adjusting. The telescopic pole has the characteristic of being stretchable, which can be used to stretch or adjust some devices, such as adjusting the shooting height of the camera, adjusting the angle of the lamps and lanterns and so on.

3. Clamping and fixing. The telescopic rod can be used to fix some objects in the telescopic state by rotating or locking the gear mechanism. Such as hanging objects, support, etc.

telescopic aluminium rod for hanging cloth
telescopic aluminium rod for hanging cloth

Main features of telescopic aluminum alloy rod

Telescopic rod has some features that make it widely used in many fields:
1. Simple structure. The structure of telescopic rod aluminum alloy is relatively simple, mainly composed of retractable rod, extendable rod and locking mechanism. Therefore it is easy to repair and replace.

2. Easy to use. The telescopic rod has better retractability and locking, and is easy to operate. It can quickly realize the adjustment and improve the working efficiency. Especially suitable for occasions requiring short-term use.

3. Strong load-bearing capacity. The telescopic pole is usually made of high-strength materials, with strong load-bearing capacity. Can withstand a certain weight of items, the use of safe and reliable.

4. Wide range of adaptation. telescopic aluminum alloy rod have a wide range of applications and can be used in many fields such as construction, transportation, logistics, etc., such as building temporary working platforms, supporting scaffolding, repairing vehicles and so on.

telescopic rod aluminum alloy
telescopic rod aluminum alloy

Why choose an aluminum telescopic pole?

There are many types of telescopic poles on the market. For example: stainless steel, iron, iron clad plastic, solid wood and so on. Then there is telescopic rod aluminum alloy. Aluminum telescopic poles are chosen by many people. Because aluminum alloy telescopic pole has many advantages. We all know that aluminum alloy material is pure aluminum and other metals mixed together. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the telescopic pole made of aluminum alloy is relatively lighter in weight. And it is very suitable for use in humid environment. Besides, aluminum telescopic poles come in many styles and colors and are affordable, making them the choice of most families.

aluminum telescopic pole
aluminum telescopic pole

How to install aluminum telescopic pole?

1. First of all, you need to determine the area for installation. We measure the length of the area that needs to be installed before purchasing. Then pick the right specification of telescopic pole according to this length.
2. When installing. First we need to find the right height, put the thicker end of the telescopic pole against the wall. Then pull the thinner end out to top the other wall. Be careful that both ends are at the same height. Then we hold the telescopic pole in one hand and with the other hand we tighten the telescopic pole by turning it clockwise. Keep turning until you know it won’t turn. That’s why aluminum telescopic poles are also called aluminum rotary telescopic rod.
Most aluminum telescopic poles are installed this way. The specific installation method varies according to the specific telescopic pole structure. If necessary, you can consult the merchant for the specific installation method.

aluminum telescopic pole installation
aluminum telescopic pole installation
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