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Wardrobe aluminium profile

Wardrobe aluminum profile is an aluminum material used to make wardrobes, wardrobe door frames and tracks.

Product Details

Wardrobe aluminum profile is an aluminum material used to make wardrobes, wardrobe door frames and tracks. These profiles usually have a specific shape and structure that make them suitable for use in the construction and assembly of wardrobes.

What is wardrobe aluminum profile?

The wardrobe aluminum profiles we produce are comprehensive. Including wardrobe door frames, sliding wardrobe door aluminium profile, glass profile doors for wardrobe, wardrobe sliding soft closing systems, etc. We have 18 production lines that can meet customers’ needs of any section and length. You are welcome to come for consultation at any time!

wardrobe aluminum profile
wardrobe aluminum profile

Technical information of aluminium profile for wardrobe

NameAluminium sliding wardrobe door profiles
ColorCustomized Color
MaterialAlloy 6063/6061/6005/6060 T5/T6
Processing ServiceBending, Welding, Punching, Cutting
aluminium profile for wardrobe parameter

Usage of aluminium profile wardrobe

Aluminium profile wardrobe is widely used in indoor furniture manufacturing. Here are some common applications for wardrobe aluminum profiles:

  1. Wardrobe door frame: Wardrobe aluminum profiles are usually used to manufacture wardrobe door frames. These profiles can be customized into different sizes and shapes.
  2. Drawers and drawer slides: Aluminum profiles are used to manufacture the drawer structure and drawer slides of the wardrobe. They provide sturdy support and smooth drawer operation.
  3. Hanging rods and clothing hanging systems: Wardrobe aluminum profiles are used to manufacture hanging rods and clothing hanging systems, so that the wardrobe has clothing storage and organization functions.
  4. Shelves and partitions: These profiles can also be used to make wardrobe shelves and partitions to separate and organize the space inside the wardrobe.
  5. Door frame glass: Some modern wardrobe designs include glass door frames, and wardrobe aluminum profiles are used to manufacture these glass door frames.
  6. Accessories and connectors: Aluminum profiles are also used to manufacture various accessories and connectors for wardrobes, such as angle irons, angle connectors and brackets, to ensure the stability and functionality of the wardrobe.
Usage of aluminium profile wardrobe
Usage of aluminium profile wardrobe

Features of aluminium profile for wardrobe

  1. Good waterproof performance
    The aluminum profile of the cabinet door is made of an aluminum alloy frame embedded with crystalline steel plates. Aluminum alloy profiles, ABS plastic parts and crystal steel plates are all made of anti-bubble materials. Therefore, the aluminum profiles of the cabinet provide a fifty-year waterproof guarantee and can be directly washed and soaked with water.
  2. Can be fireproof
    The aluminum profile of the cabinet door has excellent heat resistance, and tests have shown that it can withstand temperature differences of up to 200°C without damage. Even after being ignited and the whole piece of material is placed on it, the surface will not be damaged after a long period of burning, overcoming the weakness of ordinary plates that cannot withstand flames.
  3. Anti-insects and ants
    The aluminum cabinet door profiles are so strong that they are virtually invulnerable to termites.
  4. Strong impact resistance
    The aluminum profile of the cabinet door has excellent impact resistance. Experiments have proven that it can withstand a 227g steel ball dropped from a height of 3m without being damaged, and its bending strength reaches 150Mpa.
  5. High wear resistance
    The surface of the aluminum profile of the cabinet door is not damaged by knife cutting and can be used for 50 years under normal conditions.
aluminium profile wardrobe
aluminium profile wardrobe

What size is aluminum profile standard size?

The standard sizes of aluminum sections usually vary according to national standards and the manufacturer’s production capabilities.

  1. Aluminum profile length: The length of aluminum profiles is usually manufactured in standard sizes, such as 6 meters (20 feet) or 4 meters (13 feet). We can provide customized profiles in different lengths upon request.
  2. Aluminum extrution cross-sectional dimensions: The cross-sectional dimensions of aluminum profiles include width, height and thickness. These dimensions can be customized according to the purpose and design of the profile.
  3. Angle aluminum and U-shaped aluminum: Angle aluminum and U-shaped aluminum are common aluminum profiles, and their dimensions are usually expressed in millimeters (mm), such as 30mm x 30mm x 2mm. This means that the profile is 30mm on each side and 2mm thick.
  4. Tubular aluminum profiles: The dimensions of tubular aluminum profiles are usually expressed in terms of outer diameter (OD) and wall thickness (WT).
  5. Aluminum profiles for windows and door frames: Aluminum profiles for windows and door frames usually have specific cross-sectional sizes and shapes to suit the design of the windows and doors.
  6. Other customized profiles: We are able to provide customized profiles according to customers’ specific needs, including non-standard sizes and shapes.
aluminum profile
aluminum profile

Trustworthy aluminum profile supplier -Retop aluminium

1. High-quality aluminum is the most important consideration in building materials.

Choosing the right material will ensure the accuracy of your extrusion and parameters, especially thickness. Ruituo uses Grade A aluminum to produce aluminum profiles and never uses scrap aluminum.

2. Advanced anodizing and powder coating technology

We have advanced fully automated production lines, powder coating lines and anodizing production lines. At the same time, we can customize the colors you need. Here you can always find the right finish for your needs.

3. Provide ODM and OEM

We provide one-stop service and OED/ODM integrated solutions from design, production, packaging, inspection and logistics.

Exported to international markets in the construction and industrial fields, the product range covers doors and windows, ceramic tile decoration, curtain walls, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and industrial profiles. Committed to providing high-quality services and relieving customers from worries.

4. Competitive price

Retop Aluminum guarantees to meet and exceed all customer expectations through competitive pricing, high quality products and timely delivery.

our factory of aluminium profile wardrobe
our factory of aluminium profile wardrobe
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