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Curtain wall aluminium profiles used in construction

Curtain wall aluminum profiles are aluminum alloy profile used in construction curtain wall systems.

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Curtain wall aluminum profiles is an exterior decorative and protective structure, usually composed of glass, metal, concrete, or other materials, used to cover the exterior surface of a building.

What are curtain wall aluminum profiles?

Curtain wall aluminum profiles refer to high-quality, high-strength aluminum alloy sheets used to make curtain walls. Because aluminum is the most used metal structural material in the construction industry today after steel. The main projects using aluminum in the construction industry are aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls. The main functions of curtain walls include providing thermal insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation, waterproofing and aesthetic properties.

curtain wall aluminum profiles
curtain wall aluminum profiles

Types of aluminum curtain wall profiles

  1. Frame profiles (Mullions and Transoms): These profiles are usually the main supporting structure of the curtain wall system and are used to install glass or other exterior decorative materials on the building facade.
  2. Frame profiles: Frame profiles are used to frame glass or other exterior materials and install them into a curtain wall system.
  3. Corner connection profiles: These profiles are used to connect different parts of the curtain wall system, especially at the corners of the curtain wall.
  4. Panel profiles: Panel profiles are usually used to fix and support panels or other exterior decorative materials in curtain wall systems, such as metal panels, composite panels or stone panels.
  5. Insulation profiles: Insulation profiles are usually combined with the internal structure of the curtain wall to improve the building’s thermal insulation performance and reduce energy consumption.

Application of curtain wall in construction aluminum profiles

Curtain wall aluminum profiles have a wide range of applications in construction, they are mainly used to create exterior curtain wall systems. The following are the main applications of curtain wall aluminum profiles in aluminium construction profile:

  1. Exterior wall decoration: Curtain wall aluminum profiles are used to cover the exterior wall surface of the building to enhance the appearance and beauty of the building.
  2. Glass curtain wall: Curtain wall aluminum profiles are a key component that supports and connects glass curtain walls. Glass curtain walls are commonly used in large commercial buildings and high-rise buildings.
  3. Industrial buildings: In industrial environments, curtain wall aluminum profiles can be used to create the exterior walls of large open buildings while providing insulation and protective properties.
curtain wall  in construction aluminum profiles application
curtain wall in construction aluminum profiles application

Why choose our aluminium profile for curtain wall?

  1. High-purity aluminum raw materials. High-purity aluminum has lower impurity content, which helps improve the strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum alloys. Our curtain wall aluminum profiles are made of high-purity aluminum raw materials combined with other silicon, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, etc. Therefore, our curtain wall aluminum profiles have better strength, hardness and corrosion resistance.
  2. High-quality production technology: We adopt advanced production technology and equipment. This includes production steps such as alloy melting, profile extrusion, drawing, cutting and surface treatment.
  3. Customizable services. We can make unique curtain wall aluminum profiles according to customers’ specific needs. Color and shape can be customized.
aluminium profile for curtain wall
aluminium profile for curtain wall

Curtain wall aluminum profile sizes

We are a manufacturer of aluminum profiles and can produce curtain wall aluminum profiles of different sizes. If you need it, we will recommend common curtain wall aluminum profiles to you. You can also provide us with your own drawings and samples, and we will make aluminum profiles of different sizes according to your specific needs.

Different length Curtain wall aluminum profile
Different length Curtain wall aluminum profile

Surface treatment methods of finishe wall aluminum profiles

The surface treatment methods we can provide include powder coating, anodizing, sandblasting, and wood grain transfer on the material. These finishes can be in different colors. We also customize colors.

differernt finishe wall aluminum profiles treatment
differernt finishe wall aluminum profiles treatment

Aluminum profiles fassade prices

The price of wall aluminum profiles is affected by many factors. These factors mainly include the design, size, and length of the curtain wall aluminum profiles. Factors such as weight, surface treatment, color, material, etc. We will determine the specific price based on your specific needs.

What are the most common aluminum profiles?

There are many common aluminum profiles on the market today: aluminum profile troughs, aluminum profile corners, aluminum profile tubes, aluminum profile slats, and aluminum profile window frames.
We have a special catalog of aluminum profiles, which we will send to you according to your needs.

Aluminum profile system

An aluminum profile system refers to an integrated system of multiple aluminum profiles designed to fulfill a specific function or application. These systems typically consist of aluminum profiles, connections, accessories and other components that can be assembled and customized as needed to meet the needs of a variety of architectural, engineering, decorative and manufacturing projects.

How to choose the right aluminum extrusions?

Choosing the right aluminum extrusions needs to be based on the following factors:

  1. The purpose of the aluminum profile you need. Meeting your own needs is the first priority. The aluminum profiles we produce involve construction aluminum profiles, decoration aluminum profiles and industrial aluminum profiles.
  2. Section of aluminum profile. If you have aluminum profiles designed by yourself, you can provide us with specific drawings and parameters.
  3. The length of the aluminum profile. Our production line can make aluminum profiles up to 8 meters long.
  4. Surface treatment method of aluminum profiles. We have surface treatment methods such as spraying, anodizing, sandblasting, and wood grain transfer.
aluminum extrusions section
aluminum extrusions section

How to choose the strongest aluminum sections?

  1. Determine project needs: Consider the loads, stresses, deflections and environmental conditions that the profile will be subjected to.
  2. Choose the appropriate aluminum alloy: Aluminum profiles are usually made of different kinds of aluminum alloys, each with different strengths and corrosion resistance. Some commonly used high-strength aluminum alloys include 6061 aluminum and 6063 aluminum.
  3. Suitable aluminium profile size: Choose the appropriate aluminum profile size according to your needs, including width, height and wall thickness. Large and thick-walled profiles generally have higher strength.
  4. Consider the connection method: The connection method of the profiles will also affect the strength of the structure. Make sure that the connectors and connection methods match the strength of the profile.
Retop aluminum sections factory
Retop aluminum sections factory
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