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Aluminium louver extrusion profile for decoration

Aluminium louver extrusion profile is both practical and beautiful. It has the characteristics of toughness, rain resistance and sunshade.

Product Details

Aluminium louver extrusion profile is both practical and beautiful. It has the characteristics of toughness, rain resistance and sunshade. Therefore it is suitable for use in various exterior wall constructions. There are many builders and designers in modern architecture who choose to use louvered aluminum profiles to decorate exterior walls. Louver aluminum profiles can be extruded into various shapes to meet the structural and functional needs of users. In addition, louver aluminum profiles can also be processed into various colors and textures.

Generally, the appearance of these aluminium louver extrusion profiles will be consistent with the architectural style or highlight the characteristics of the building. Retop can provide louver blade aluminum profiles in various specifications to meet the various needs of customers. Until now, we have provided the aluminium louver extrusion required for many projects! You are welcome to consult at any time!

aluminium louver extrusion profile
aluminium louver extrusion profile

About aluminium louver extrusion profile

There are many types of aluminum louver profiles with different functions. Different application scenarios will require specific louver aluminum profiles. We Retop will make and recommend suitable louver aluminum profiles according to your needs. Most aluminium louver extrusion profile has the functions of ventilation, sunshade, rain protection, and privacy protection. At the same time, these aluminum louver profiles will have a modern appearance. It will match the style of the commercial building.

Our louver blade aluminum profiles are made of high-quality aluminum alloy raw materials, and advanced equipment helps extrusion into louver blade products with reasonable structure. This will bring a better user experience to users. At the same time, because it is made of aluminum alloy, it is much lighter than other metal materials. Therefore, installation is also very convenient and quick. In addition to this large extruded aluminum louver, we also produce small louver blade aluminum profiles. Regarding small louvered aluminum profiles, please click for more information:

aluminium louver extrusion
aluminium louver extrusion

Application scenario of aluminium louver extrusion

There are many occasions that aluminium louver extrusion profile can be applied. For example, commercial building exterior walls, residential buildings, office buildings, hotel buildings, cultural buildings, schools, etc. The most common occasions are the exterior walls of commercial buildings and office buildings. These louver aluminum profiles are generally matched with the style of the building, and they have the functions of lighting, sound insulation, heat insulation, and ventilation. These aluminium louver profiles generally include aluminum strips, aluminum profile frameworks and drivers. When using, people can adjust the direction of these shutters according to their needs.

Different types of aluminium louver profiles

The aluminum louver blades can be made into different shapes. For example, square, Z -shaped, C -shaped, S -shaped, wings, wedge -shaped, etc. These different shapes can achieve different functions. Among them, C -shaped shutters are suitable for adjustable shutters. Wings can resist the strong wind. Other shapes are more suitable for contemporary style and sun protection etc. Aluminium louver profiles supplier generally customize the appropriate shutdown aluminum profiles according to the specific use occasions and needs of customers. If you have any need to contact Retop, we can customize various aluminium louver extrusion profile for you!

Size of the aluminium louver profiles

Extruded aluminum louvers come in different sizes. The specific size needs to be determined according to the user’s application and functional requirements. The dimensions of aluminum louver profiles generally include width, length and thickness. The width of the aluminium louver extrusion profile is generally tens of millimeters to hundreds of millimeters. The length is generally customized, and it needs to be determined according to the installation area. We should know that the various sizes of louver aluminum profiles are not bigger and better.

The appropriate size is the most important thing, and it can better realize the function of the aluminium louver extrusion. If you are choosing aluminum profile louver blades, it is best to consult the aluminium louver profile manufacturer first and obtain the most suitable aluminum profile size for the louver blades based on the recommendations of the aluminum profile wholesaler.

What is the thickness of aluminium louvers sections?

The thickness of the aluminium louvers sections is usually between several millimeters and a dozen millimeters. But it will not be very thick. Different thickness will affect the intensity and weight of the shutters. The specific thickness needs to be selected according to the advice of aluminum profile manufacturers. Experienced manufacturers will recommend the appropriate thickness aluminum -type lunch according to your needs.

What is the purpose of aluminium louver profiles?

Blossomed aluminium louver profiles can achieve a variety of functions, mainly the following functions:

1. Building appearance. The profile is ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of a building while providing ventilation and shading. It is usually installed on the outer wall of the building. People rely on it to regulate indoor temperature, light and sunlight, and to provide an attractive appearance.

2. Sunshine control system. Blinds can be used to control sunlight. Can be installed outdoors such as courtyards, balconies and terraces. Can regulate the sun and shade.

3. Ventilation. In large commercial buildings, the shutters can be used as part of the ventilation system to manage airflow and improve indoor air quality.

4. Privacy. This profile can also be used as an independent privacy barrier in outdoor areas to provide effective methods to maintain privacy.

aluminium adjustable louver
aluminium adjustable louver

Surface treatment and color of extruded aluminum louver

The surface treatments and colors that can be achieved with aluminum profiles have provided decoration inspiration to many architectural designers. Surface treatment can give different textures to the extruded aluminum louver. Different colors can give the louver aluminum profiles different styles. The following are common surface treatments and colors of louver aluminum profiles:

1. Surface treatment: anodizing, powder coating, wood grain transfer, PVDF painting, polishing, brushing, electrophoresis.

2. Color: white, black, blue, brown, gray, RAL color, etc.
Retop can provide all the above surface treatments and colors. Customized aluminium louver extrusion profiles can help you realize the decoration of various building exterior walls. You are welcome to contact us at any time with your needs!

Packaging method of aluminum louver blades

There are many ways to package aluminium louver profiles. The following is the most suitable packaging method for louvered aluminum profiles:
Packaging: Pearl cotton foam plus kraft paper. Antistatic film and shrink film. Pallets are wooden pallets or metal pallets.

packign of aluminum louver blades
packign of aluminum louver blades

Customized services provided by Retop

We provide various deep processing treatments for aluminium louver extrusion profile to help you achieve customized needs. For example: we will provide fixed-length cutting, drilling, CNC milling, laser marking, etc.

1. Fixed-length cutting: This will help you cut the louver aluminum profile to the appropriate length.

2. Drilling: Some parts need to be drilled to assemble these aluminum louver profiles together.

3. CNC milling: This can help you process aluminium louver extrusion with complex contours. It can process various shapes of louver aluminum profiles.

4. Laser marking: If customers have any need to mark patterns and text on the aluminum louver profiles, this can meet your needs.

aluminium louver extrusion profile deep processing
aluminium louver extrusion profile deep processing

Production process of aluminium louver profiles

The production process of aluminium louver extrusion profile is similar to the production process of most other aluminum profiles. Since they are assembled together before they can be used, there will be an additional assembly step. The production process is as follows:

1. Material selection: Retop will select high-quality aluminum alloy raw materials to produce aluminum profiles. When mixed with other metals, the high-quality properties of aluminum alloys can be increased. For example, they are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable. Generally, raw materials are first made into round rods.

2. Extrusion: The aluminum alloy round bar is heated and then forced through the extrusion die. After extrusion, a unique louvered aluminum profile structure is formed.

3. Finishing: After forming, the extruded aluminum louver will undergo further finishing. A powder coated or anodized finish can enhance the appearance. It also enhances performance and prevents weathering and corrosion of aluminum louver profiles.

4. Assembly: After all the aluminum profile materials of the front louvres are produced. We need to assemble them. After assembly, the aluminum louver profiles can be opened and closed smoothly.

Specifications of aluminium louver extrusion profile

ProductAluminium louver extrusion profile
MaterialAluminum alloy 6000 series
Surface treatmentPowder coating, anodizing, polishing
LengthUp to 12 meters
aluminium louver extrusion profile parameter
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