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Aluminium profile shutter for kitchen, glass, wardrobe

Aluminium profile shutter can be made into shutters, kitchens and wardrobe aluminum profiles. They are beautiful, corrosion resistant and strong.

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Aluminium profile shutter can be made into shutters, kitchens and wardrobe aluminum profiles. They are beautiful, corrosion resistant and strong. These aluminum profiles are generally combined with glass. So they are also called glass aluminum profiles. These aluminium profile shutters are light weight, easy to maintain and attractive. And they are the most commonly used decorative material for modern interiors, kitchens and coatrooms. This article will give you a detailed introduction to aluminium profile shutter, aluminum profile shutter for kitchen and closet. As a professional manufacturer of aluminum profiles, Retop will provide you with high quality and good price aluminum profile shutter. You are welcome to inquire or come to visit our factory at any time!

What is a aluminium profile shutter?

Aluminum shutter profile is a kind of shutter made of aluminum alloy material, which can also be used as a protective window. Compared with ordinary blinds, this kind of window has high strength and hardness. Therefore, it can be used for a long time, generally 20 to 30 years. In addition, aluminum alloy shutters have exquisite appearance, bright color and strong decorative effect.

aluminium profile shutter
aluminium profile shutter

Specifications of aluminum shutter profiles

Description6000series aluminum wall louvers and aluminum window louvres
BrandRetop aluminium
Applicationvertical louver and horizontal louver
SizeWidth: 50mm/60mm/75mm/90mm/100mm/120mm/150mm/200mm/, etc.
Quality standeredGB/T 5237.4-2008
Aluminium alloy6063
Surface treatmentpowder coating & sublimation wood grain heat transfer & PVDF
Pacing methodantistatic film & shrink film
aluminum shutter profiles parameter

Surface treatment of aluminium profile glass shutter

The surface treatment of aluminum profile shutter is the same as that of most aluminum profiles. Surface treatments such as anodizing, spraying, wood grain transfer and sandblasting are available. Customers can choose various spraying and anodizing colors, and we support customization.

different aluminium profile glass shutter
different aluminium profile glass shutter

Different types of aluminium profile shutter

There are many different types of aluminum shutter profiles. They vary with different applications in terms of construction, thickness, form of adjustment, and installation. Here are some common forms of aluminium profile shutters:
1. Outdoor aluminium shutter profile. This kind of aluminium profile shutter refers to the direct use of aluminum profiles to make the frame and louver combination together. This kind of shutter aluminum profile is usually installed in the outdoor, used for shading, security and windproof.

2. Indoor aluminum profile shutter. Indoor shutters are mainly installed in the interior of the window glass of the house. There is also the interior of the office partition glass wall. They are mainly used to shade the sun and block the view.

3. Aluminum roller shutters. Rolling aluminum shutter can be used both indoors and outdoors. This kind of shutters can save energy and heat preservation, isolate noise, shade the sun and prevent theft.

4. Different shapes of aluminum profiles for shutters. The shapes of aluminum profiles for shutters are flat, Z and S. Each shape has its unique characteristics and applicable scenes. For example, Z-shaped aluminum shutter profile has better sound insulation effect. And S-shape aluminium profile shutter is suitable for exposed and rotating shutters.

5. Blinds with different functions. There are many types of aluminum profiles for shutters, which have different functions. For example, rolling shutters, horizontal shutters and vertical shutters. These aluminium profile shutters can be operated in different ways to regulate the light and play the role of shading and lighting.

6. Broken bridge shutter aluminum profile. This kind of shutter aluminum profile and other thermal break aluminum profile shutter is the same as the middle of the aluminum profile to install a layer of heat insulation material. Broken bridge shutter aluminum profile allows users to adjust the light and ventilation as needed. At the same time it is also very beautiful. Broken bridge shutter aluminum profile also has the functions of anti-theft, anti-sand, wind pressure and so on.

Application range of aluminium profile shutter

Aluminum profiles for shutters are mainly used in the following products:

1. Curtain blinds: This is one of the most common applications. Louver aluminum profiles are often used to make adjustable indoor and outdoor curtain blinds to block sunlight and heat.

2. Sunrooms and loggias: Louvered aluminum profiles are used on the roofs or walls of sunrooms, loggias and outdoor leisure areas to create sunshade structures.

3. Indoor partitions: In commercial or office spaces, louvered aluminum profiles may be used for indoor partitions to create private spaces or separate different areas.

4. Sunshades and decorative panels: These aluminum profiles can also be used to make sunshades, decorative panels and decorative elements for building exterior walls to enhance the appearance and performance of the building.

5. Aluminium profile shutter kitchen: Some families like to use aluminum shutters as cabinet doors. So shutter aluminum profiles can also be used in the kitchen. Favorable cabinet ventilation, to create a dry environment for the placement of kitchen utensils.

How thick are aluminum shutter profiles?

The thickness of the shutter aluminum profile is not fixed. The thickness of aluminum shutter profiles currently on the market ranges from 1mm to 3mm. But it can also be thicker or thinner, depending on the specific use and required strength.

1. Thicker profiles are generally sturdier and suitable for large blinds or where more support is required. Thinner profiles may be lighter and suitable for smaller blinds. For example: indoor aluminium profile shutter are relatively thin. On the contrary, the aluminum profiles for outdoor shutters are very thick. The specific thickness varies according to the usage scenario:
a. Residential use: The thickness of aluminum shutter profiles ranges from 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm.
b. Commercial applications: Such as storefronts and building facades, the thickness of aluminum shutter profiles may range from 1.5 mm to 3 mm.
c. Heavy duty applications: In areas requiring the highest level of security, thicknesses of up to 5 mm are possible.

2. When selecting aluminum profiles for blinds, you need to consider factors such as the size and location of the window, local climate conditions, and appearance requirements to determine the appropriate thickness.

aluminium shutter profile
aluminium shutter profile

What are advantages of aluminium profile for shutters?

1. Aluminum alloy blinds have a wide range of applications. They have excellent light-shielding and shielding properties, and the light can be adjusted according to your own needs.

2. The venetian blinds use aluminum blades with high heat reflectivity, which can reflect most of the sunlight’s heat, which helps to improve the cooling and heating effects of the air conditioner and achieve energy saving.

3. The aluminum profiles of the shutters are flexible, not easily deformed, can insulate and shade, and block ultraviolet rays.

4. The aluminum alloy shutter blades have a smooth surface, good hand feel, rich colors, and good resilience and toughness.

5. Many types of specifications. Aluminum profiles are the raw material for shutters. Therefore, it can be extruded into aluminum profiles shutters of various sizes and structures. People can choose the right shutters according to their needs. As a professional aluminum shutter profile manufacturer, Retop can produce shutters covering many kinds, from indoor to outdoor, from home to commercial buildings. We also support to customize the right blinds aluminum profiles for you.

aluminium profile shutter for kitchen
aluminium profile shutter for kitchen

Why choose aluminum profiles shutters?

1. Guaranteed, convenient and practical. The aluminum profile of the shutters is made of aluminum alloy material, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. The aluminum profile of the shutters is produced through scientific processing. It has the characteristics of high tension, high strength and high anti-theft.

3. Fully functional. The aluminum profile of the blinds can be adjusted to different amplitudes, and different angles have different functions of sunshade, dust prevention, and wind protection.

4. Energy saving. Aluminum profile for shutters is a new type of technical building material approved by the state. It can be warm in winter and cool in summer, prevent heat loss in summer, and prevent cold air from entering in winter.

aluminium profile shutter kitchen
aluminium profile shutter kitchen

What is aluminum profile shutter for kitchen?

Aluminum profile shutter for kitchens are aluminum profiles that are applied around the glass doors of cabinets. The cabinets generally open either flush or hinged. The aluminum profiles can be used without handles or with handles. The most common finish for this type of aluminum cabinet is anodized. Of course, customers can also determine the surface treatment and color of the aluminum profile according to their own kitchen decoration style.
In addition to this type of cabinet aluminum profile we also have cabinet aluminum profiles that can be used in combination with various panel materials. Please click on the link for more information:

aluminum profile shutter for kitchen
aluminum profile shutter for kitchen

Why people like to use aluminium profile shutter kitchen?

1. Lightweight and strong. Aluminum alloy, the raw material of aluminium profile shutter kitchen, is relatively lightweight. So the overall weight of the cabinets will become lighter, which is very convenient for installation. At the same time, aluminum profiles also have high strength, which can ensure that the cabinet is strong and durable. And it is not easy to deformation or damage.

2. Beautiful and generous. Aluminum profiles have a modern and simple appearance, with a smooth and bright surface. Give people neat, beautiful visual enjoyment. At the same time, aluminum profiles have smooth lines and simple styles, which can be integrated into various styles of home decoration styles. Effortlessly embellish your kitchen.

3. Corrosion resistance. Aluminum profile shutter for kitchen have excellent corrosion resistance. It is able to resist the erosion of moisture, salt, fog and other unfavorable factors. This is conducive to the cabinets to be as good as new for a long time. Therefore, aluminum shutter cabinets are very suitable for use in the kitchen in this humid environment.

4. Environmental health. Aluminum shutter cabinets are very environmentally friendly, neither release harmful substances, but also can be recycled. Therefore, the aluminum material is good for health and good for the environment.

5. Easy to clean and maintain. Aluminium profile shutter kitchen have a smooth surface, not easy to stain and dust, easy to clean. In addition, aluminum profile is very durable and will not be easily deformed and broken, which also reduces people’s maintenance costs.

Aluminium profile shutter for kitchen specification

Product nameAluminium profile shutter for kitchen
Brand nameRetop
Place of originHenan, China
ApplicationKitchen cabinet
Processing serviceBending, decoiling, welding, punching, cutting
Surface treatmentSilver anodized
ColorCustomized color
MaterialAlloy 6063/6061/6005/6060 T5/T6
Type100% QC Testing
LengthCustom size
Deep processPunching/driling/precison/cutting CNC
Delivery time8-14 days
Aluminium profile shutter for kitchen parameter

Retop aluminium profile for kitchen cabinet

What are aluminium profile shutter for wardrobe?

Aluminium profile shutter for wardrobes are aluminum profiles that are applied around closet doors. Usually this type of aluminum profile is used with glass and comes with opening and closing handles. Aluminium profile shutter for wardrobe are usually opened and closed in a push-pull and hinged manner. Aluminium profile shutter for wardrobes and glass are combined together to form a more beautiful and simple closet. It is also very lightweight and easy to install. Aluminum profile shutter for closets can be of different colors and finishes. Many shutter aluminum profile suppliers can customize the color, texture and cross-section that the customer needs. Simple and beautiful shuttered closet aluminum profiles match the modern and minimalist interior styling. Therefore it is the first choice of many young customers.

aluminium profile shutter for wardrobe
aluminium profile shutter for wardrobe

Retop wardrobe aluminium profile video show

Relationship between aluminium profile shutter for kitchen, glass, wardrobe

Aluminium profile shutter for kitchen and wardrobe are both a type of aluminium profile glass shutter. Because these two aluminum profiles are installed around the glass, play a role in decoration and switch. We, Retop, produce all kinds of aluminum profile shutter for glass. For example, aluminum profiles for casement windows, aluminum profiles for sliding doors, aluminium profile for windows and doors, aluminum profiles for bathroom doors, aluminum profiles for solar panels, aluminum profiles for office partition, aluminium profiles for glass railing and so on. All these glass aluminum profiles have similar roles and functions. In different applications, the internal structure of these aluminum profiles will be different. They need to be made with different extrusion molds.
If you have your own design of glass aluminum profile structure, we can provide customized service for you. We can make a new mold to help you get the right aluminum profile shutter for glass for you. Welcome to consult us anytime!

aluminium profile shutter for kitchen, glass, wardrobe
aluminium profile shutter for kitchen, glass, wardrobe

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