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Aluminium profile extrusion materials and application

Update Time : 2023-Oct-10
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Aluminium profile extrusion can be made of different aluminum alloys according to people’s specific use occasions. Aluminum profiles are used in a wide range of applications, including construction, decoration and industry. Using the right aluminum alloy for the right situation can help users have better results.

Common aluminium profile extrusions and applications

6063 aluminium extrusions profiles

6063 aluminium extrusions profiles: It has good workability and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for scenes that require high-precision processing and surface treatment, such as doors, windows, curtain walls, industrial assembly line frames, radiators and so on. Its advantages are better plasticity, suitable for extrusion production, and wide range of applications.

The main applications of 6063 aluminium profile extrusion

  1. Construction field: doors, windows, curtain walls, display racks, balcony railings, etc.
  2. Interior decoration: furniture, decorations, cabinets, floor edge strips, etc.
  3. Industrial equipment: assembly line frames, robot fences, equipment racks, etc.
  4. Electronic field: radiator, electronic equipment shell, etc.
6063 aluminium profile extrusion
6063 aluminium profile extrusion

6061 aluminium profile extrusion

6061 aluminum alloy profile has high strength and hardness, which is higher than 6063 aluminum profile. It is suitable for scenarios that are subject to large loads and stresses, such as building structures, mechanical equipment, etc. Its advantage lies in better corrosion resistance.

Using fields of 6061 profile aluminium extrusion

  1. Construction field: building structures, support columns, beams, etc.
  2. Mechanical engineering field: mechanical equipment, parts, molds, etc.
  3. Aerospace field: aircraft structure, parts, spacecraft, etc.
  4. Automobile manufacturing field: automobile chassis, frame, engine parts, etc.
aluminium extrusion
aluminium extrusion

Aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy profile

Aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy profile is a kind of aluminum profile with high strength and rigidity, which adds magnesium and silicon elements on the basis of aluminum alloy profile. It has better abrasion and corrosion resistance and can cope with harsh environments and high pressure conditions.

Usage of aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy profiles

  1. Automobile manufacturing field: automobile body, chassis, frame, engine parts and so on.
  2. Aerospace field: aircraft structure, wings, spacecraft, etc.
  3. Sports equipment field: bicycles, mountaineering equipment, ski equipment, etc.

Aluminum and titanium profile aluminium extrusion

Aluminum-titanium alloy profile is a kind of high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum profile. Aluminum-titanium alloy profiles are suitable for the manufacture of lightweight structural parts and parts subject to high loads.

Scope of use of aluminum and titanium alloy profiles

  1. Aerospace: aircraft structures, engine parts, spacecraft, etc.
  2. Transportation field: high-speed trains, subway vehicles, etc.