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Aluminium profile for glass, partition, door, railing

Aluminium profile for glass is a aluminum profiles system, which is suitable for supporting and fixing glass panels.

Product Details

Aluminium profile for glass is a aluminum profiles system, which is suitable for supporting and fixing glass panels. These profiles often have special grooves to accommodate and mount glass panels. Once installed, glazed aluminum profiles are secure, stable and aesthetically pleasing. Glazing aluminum profiles are commonly used in architectural and interior design to create transparent walls, partitions, handrails, balustrades, door frames, and more.

What is aluminium profile for glass?

The aluminium profile for glass manufactured by Retop are specially designed to fix the glass used in various constructions and decorations. These aluminum profiles are widely used and have high quality features such as not easy to be damaged, beautiful and wear-resistant. They are essential components for modern architecture and interior decoration. Due to the variety of products and the different needs of each customer’s use, we offer customized services. You are welcome to inquire anytime!

aluminium profile for glass
aluminium profile for glass

Usage of glass aluminium profile

Glass aluminum profiles have a wide range of applications, generally used in the following occasions

  1. Aluminium profile for curtain wall: Curtain wall is one of the main applications of glass aluminum profiles. Glass curtain wall is an important part of modern building facade, used to provide visual transparency and thermal insulation effect.
  2. Aluminum profiles for glass partitions: Aluminum profiles for glass partitions can be used to create separations, partitions and acoustic walls for interior spaces. These partitions are mainly used in offices, stores, restaurants and residences.
  3. Aluminum profiles for glass doors: Aluminum profiles for glass are also commonly used in the manufacture of door and window frames to support the glass panels and to ensure their safety and functionality in the structure of doors and windows.
  4. Aluminium profile for glass railing: On stairs, balconies and walkways, glass aluminum profiles are commonly used to create handrails and balustrades that provide stability and a modern look.
  5. Shops and showcases: Aluminum glazing profiles can be used to make store displays and showcases, providing a clear display effect.
Aluminium profile for glass
aluminium profile for glass

Aluminium profile for glass’s technical information

BrandRetop aluminium
Thickness0.2-20mm or Customized
SizeCustomized,same as drawings or samples.
ColorSilver,White,Black,Bronze,Champagun,Wood and any as requested
Aluminium glass profile parameter

Benefits of aluminium profile for glass fixing

  1. Aluminium profile for glass is easy to customize. Aluminum glazing profiles can be customized into various shapes and sizes to meet specific design requirements. It can be used for a variety of applications such as windows, doors, curtain walls, partitions, etc.
  2. Transparency: Aluminum glass profiles are suitable for supporting glass frames with large areas of glass, providing a bright environment and making full use of natural light.
  3. Aesthetics: Glass aluminum profiles can give buildings a modern, clean and transparent appearance, which helps to enhance the appearance and attractiveness of buildings.
  4. Insulation: Aluminum profile for glass have good thermal and acoustic insulation properties, which can provide a comfortable indoor environment and reduce energy consumption.
  5. Weather resistance: Aluminum glazing profiles are usually able to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions and are not prone to fading, corrosion or damage.
  6. Fire resistance: Some aluminum glass frame profiles can provide high fire resistance, which helps to improve the safety of the building.
glass aluminium profile
glass aluminium profile

What glass aluminum profiles are available from Retop aluminum profile manufacturer?

Retop produces a wide range of glazed aluminum profiles, including different sizes and appearances. The main glass aluminum profiles we produce are doors, windows, curtain walls, railings, office glass partitions, and more. We also offer customized glass aluminum profiles according to the specific needs you provide.

Why use aluminium glazing profile?

  1. Modern look: Using aluminium glazing profiles has a modern look, so it becomes a popular choice in architectural and interior design.
  2. Good lighting: Aluminum glazing profiles can create ample natural lighting spaces. This helps to reduce energy costs and increase indoor comfort.
  3. Separate spaces: Glass aluminum profiles are used to create office partitions that provide. They provide a way to maintain openness while gaining a degree of privacy.
  4. Ease of maintenance: Aluminum profiles are a durable and easy to maintain material that is not prone to rust or corrosion.
  5. Acoustic properties: Aluminum glazing profiles help isolate noise and create a quiet working or living environment.
aluminium glazing profile
aluminium glazing profile

How to install glazing aluminum profiles?

Installation of glazing aluminum profiles generally requires a professional. Below are the common installation steps:

  1. Measurement: First, measure the dimensions of the area where the installation will take place. This will help you to make sure that the right aluminum glazing profile is installed in the right place.
  2. Prepare tools and materials: Get the tools and materials needed for the installation, such as screwdrivers, screws, expansion bolts, nuts, washers, levels, rulers, drills and so on.
  3. Install the frame: Firstly, you need to install the aluminum profile frame. The installer needs to use screws or expansion bolts to fix it on the wall or ceiling.
  4. Install the glass: This step requires sliding the glass panels into the profile frame and then fixing them using washers and screws.
  5. Adjustment and checking: Once installed, use a level and ruler to check that everything is level and plumb. Make fine adjustments if necessary.
glazing aluminum profiles
glazing aluminum profiles
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