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Aluminium sliding window profile from Retop

Aluminium sliding window profile belongs to a kind of aluminum window profile. It also belong to aluminium window frame extrusion profiles.

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Aluminium sliding window profile belongs to a kind of aluminum window profile. It also belong to aluminium window frame extrusion profiles. Nowadays, many people use aluminum profiles as window frames in their lives. Because the aluminium sliding window profile has high strength, corrosion resistance and light weight, it is loved by many people.

And sliding window aluminum profiles of various styles can be in line with a variety of house decoration style. Retop production of aluminium sliding window profile can be customized according to customer needs to different structures and styles. Welcome to consult with us at any time!

aluminum sliding window profile
aluminum sliding window profile

Introduction to aluminum sliding window profile

Aluminium sliding window profile are aluminum materials used to manufacture sliding windows. This type of window opens and closes by sliding horizontally. Aluminum profiles for sliding windows are generally suitable for use in places where there is a need for a great deal of light and ventilation. Sliding window aluminum profiles can be customized according to the design and functional needs of the window, making them suitable for different architectural projects and styles. Aluminium sliding window profiles are widely used in modern architecture. This is because the sliding aluminum profile, with its stable structure and easy operation, has good heat and sound insulation properties for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Retop produces a variety of aluminum profiles for window, in addition to aluminium sliding window profiles, we also have casement window aluminum profiles, aluminum shutter profiles and so on. We can customize each dimension according to your needs, welcome your inquiry!

aluminum sliding window profile
aluminum sliding window profile

Why many people choose aluminium window profiles?

1. Due to the easy processing of aluminum profiles, aluminium window profiles can be made into various styles and types. So it can meet the different needs of many customers. For example, sliding windows, casement windows, folding windows, shaped windows, security windows and so on.

2. More beautiful. After polished and oxidized polishing treatment, the surface of aluminum alloy presents a beautiful luster.

3. The sash frame design of sliding windows is larger and can accommodate a large area of glass. This can make the interior light bright and sufficient, enhance the contrast between indoor and outdoor, and make the living room more colorful.

4. Diverse styles. Aluminium sliding window profile can be powder coated in a variety of finishes. This not only makes the windows clean, durable and weather-resistant, but also provides a variety of colors to choose from to meet the needs of different decoration styles.

aluminium window profiles
aluminium window profiles

Significant features of aluminum sliding window profiles?

1. Convenient sliding: The sliding windows are designed with pulleys and rails for light and smooth operation. Users can easily push and pull the window fan, convenient, labor-saving.

2. Large glass area: The general area of sliding windows is relatively large, can accommodate a large area of glass, providing a broader view.

3. Flexible space utilization: Sliding windows can be designed to open wide, and the window sash can be pushed to one side to maximize the open space, making the indoor and outdoor space seamless.

4. Safer. Sliding window aluminum profiles come with an efficient multi-point locking system. This enhances the anti-theft performance and sealing of the window.

5. Good thermal insulation: Aluminum sliding windows can use thermal break technology to improve the thermal insulation of the windows. Aluminum sliding window profiles can reduce indoor and outdoor temperature conduction and realize energy saving and environmental protection.

6. Good wind and rain performance: The strong sealing performance of sliding window aluminum profiles can effectively prevent the intrusion of wind and rain, and maintain indoor comfort.

aluminum sliding window profiles

Aluminium windows profile performance characteristics

1. Strength: Aluminum alloy usually has high strength. This is why aluminum sliding window profiles excel in their ability to withstand pressure and loads.

2. Hardness: Aluminum has a high degree of hardness. As a result, sliding window aluminum profiles are highly resistant to abrasion and deformation.

3. Corrosion resistance: Aluminum has good corrosion resistance, which is due to the formation of an oxide layer on the surface of aluminum to prevent further corrosion.

4. Machinability: Aluminum is a relatively easy metal to work with, which facilitates the manufacture of window profiles of various shapes and designs.

5. Lightweight: Aluminum is a lightweight metal, making sliding window profiles relatively lightweight and easy to install and operate.

6. Thermal conductivity: Aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity. This facilitates the sliding window aluminum profile can provide effective thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

aluminum profile for sliding windows
aluminum profile for sliding windows

Aluminum profile for sliding windows parameter information

TypeAluminium alloy
Surface treatmentAnodized,powder coated,electrophoretic coating
LifespanAnodized,12-15 years outdoor use; powder coating,18-20 years outdoor use
Length3.0-7 meters or customized
ApplicationsBuildings, structures and decorations
CharacteristicsHigh resistance to corrosion,weathering,heat,alkali,scratches and deformation
ShapeStandard or customized available
Quality controlOn-site inspection,pre-shipment inspection,testing machine
Aluminum profile for sliding windows parameter

Application scenes of sliding window aluminum profile

1. Residential windows: We will often see the application of aluminum profiles for sliding windows in residential houses. They provide ventilation, lighting and aesthetic solutions for residential houses.

2. Commercial buildings: Office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and other widely used aluminium sliding windows. Its large area of glass design not only provides sufficient natural light, but also makes the building appearance more in line with the style of modern architecture.

3. Public buildings: Schools, hospitals, libraries will also be a large number of sliding windows aluminum profile. Because these places need better ventilation and lighting, while meeting the requirements of building safety and aesthetics.

4. Outdoor terrace: The design of sliding windows makes them ideal for outdoor terraces. Sliding windows can be used as a bridge between indoor and outdoor space, making the space more transparent.

5. Customized projects: Aluminum sliding window profiles are also commonly used for customized projects, such as balcony closures and patio doors. Generally this type of sliding window aluminum profile requires customized size and design to meet individual needs.

Molds of sliding window aluminum profile

1. A sliding window aluminum profile mold is a tool used to press a heated aluminum alloy billet into a final aluminum profile product. The design and manufacture of the mold plays a key role in the appearance of the final product.

2. These dies usually consist of round thick discs made of H13 steel. These tools are used to extrude three different shapes of aluminum profiles, including hollow, semi-open and solid profiles.

3. To ensure the durability and performance of the molds, sliding window aluminum profile dies are heat-treated during the manufacturing process. This means they can withstand the high temperatures and pressures of the extrusion process, ensuring the quality and stability of the final product.

Retop has most of the types of molds for aluminum window frame profiles in the market. But we will also customize the molds according to the specific needs of customers. Customized molds require customers to provide certain data or parameters, drawings. Therefore, we can provide customers with a suitable variety of sliding window aluminum profiles. Retop is your reliable aluminium window profile suppliers.

aluminium sliding window profile's molds
aluminium sliding window profile’s molds

Aluminium sliding windows prices

There are many factors that affect the aluminum sliding windows prices , generally we can consider the following points:

1. The size of the aluminum sliding window profile: Different specifications and sizes of the profile may have different prices. Large size or customized aluminum profiles will cost more.

2. Aluminum alloy raw materials: Different series of aluminum alloys have different performance characteristics. High strength or special alloys usually increase the cost.

3. Surface treatment: If the profile is given a special surface treatment, such as anodizing and powder coating. This may increase the manufacturing cost, thus affecting the price of aluminum profiles.

4. Manufacturing process: The production process and the level of technology used by the manufacturing plant will also affect the price. High-tech processes may increase the manufacturing cost of aluminum profiles for sliding windows.

5. Market factors: Market supply and demand, raw material prices and other factors will also have an impact on the price of aluminum sliding window profiles.

What is the best aluminum profile for windows?

The most frequently used aluminum alloy for windows in the market nowadays is 6063 aluminum alloy. This is the most suitable aluminum alloy material after the market selection and customer selection. 6063 aluminum alloy has good extrusion performance, easy to make into a variety of complex cross-section and shape. It also has good strength and corrosion resistance. Combined with the price cost, 6063 alloy is the most suitable window aluminum profile.

6063 alloy aluminium window profile
6063 alloy aluminium window profile

Aluminum window frame extrusion profiles maintenance and care

1. Regular Cleaning: Using mild detergent and soft cloth or sponge, we need to clean the surface of aluminum profile regularly.

2. Timely cleaning of debris in the track: Keep the window track and sliding part clean. This helps to ensure smooth operation of the window.

3. Lubricate: Regularly use a suitable lubricant on the window track, sliding part and latch part. This will ensure that the window opens and closes smoothly.

4. Check seals: Users need to regularly check the seals on their windows to make sure they are in good condition. Damaged seals can cause air and water to enter the room, affecting the insulation of the window.

5. Avoid hard objects: Avoid using hard or sharp objects to collide with the window surface to avoid scratching or damaging the aluminum sliding window profile.

aluminum window frame extrusion profiles
aluminum window frame extrusion profiles
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