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Extruded aluminum t slot for sale from Retop

Brand name: Retop
Place of origin: Henan, China
Model number: Industrial aluminum extrusion
MOQ: 500kgs for each item
Supply ability: 25000t/ month
Price: 2.8usd
Alloy grade: 6060 6063 6005 6061 etc

Product Details

Retop extruded aluminum t slot

Extruded aluminum t slot is often used to build frames, such as workbenches, displays, protective fences, racks, etc. The t slot aluminium extrusion is used for the production of aluminum products. It has a t-shaped cross-section. The unique structure can be used with accessories to form any frame. Corrosion resistance and high strength make it widely used.
1. Retop can provide you with various specifications of extruded t slot aluminum.

2. We can customize t slotted aluminum extrusions according to the drawings and parameters you provide.

3. Retop has enough extruded aluminium t slot accessories.

4. We provide sending sample service.

extruded aluminum t slot
extruded aluminum t slot

T slot aluminium detail information

Place of originHenan, China
Alloy or notIs alloy
Model numberIndustrial aluminum extrusion
Brand nameRetop
Processing serviceBending, decoiling, welding, punching, cutting
ColorAs your demand
We can doOEM aluminum extrusions profiles
StandardHigh precise level
Export length5.8m for 20FT , 6.0m for 40’gp
MOQ500kgs for each item
Supply ability25000 ton/ month
Alloy grade6060 6063 6005 6061 etc
Surface finishMill finish,anodized, powder coated, electrophoresis,sand balsting,etc
CertificateISO9001/14001 OHSAS18001
T slot aluminium extrusion parameter

Extruded aluminum t slot video display

T slotted aluminum extrusions finish and color

1. Finishs: The most common surface treatments for extruded aluminum t slot are anodizing and powder coating. Of course, it can also be electroplating, polishing, sand blasted, powder coating, silver plating, brushed, painted, PVDF etc.

2. Colors: Aluminum t slot extrusions can be various colors. Such as silver, black, white, champagne, gold and so on. Or you can choose any colors you like. Retop provide color customizing service.

t slot aluminium extrusion finishes and colors
t slotted aluminum extrusions finishes and colors

Extruded aluminium t slot extrusion cross section shape

Below are the most common cross-section shapes of aluminum t slot extrusions.

extruded aluminium t slot cross-section shapes
extruded aluminium t slot cross-section shapes

T slotted aluminum extrusions accessories

There are many kinds of accessories for extruded aluminum t slot. Some of the common ones are nuts and screws, frame connectors, springs, end caps, rollers, bearings, aluminum brackets, slides, suspensions, and so on.

T slotted aluminum extrusions accessories
T slotted aluminum extrusions accessories

What is t slot aluminum framing?

Extruded aluminum t slot are typically aluminum profiles that are constructed with t-shaped slots and have an overall rectangular shape. These profiles can have no slots, single slots or multiple slots on each side. There is also a wide range of cross-section sizes available.
The slots in t slotted aluminum extrusions allow you to attach various fittings to the extrusion and adjust them as needed. They offer you a wide range of design and customization possibilities, and the connections between t-slots can be made with fittings only, which are very robust and do not need to be welded.

t slot aluminum framing
t slot aluminum framing

What are the different types of t slot aluminium?

The different types of aluminum t slot extrusion generally refer to different structures and series. We at Retop can offer the most common t slot aluminium extrusion series in the market. For example, 20 series, 30 series, 40 series, 45 series, 50 series, 60 series, 80 series and so on. These different series of t slot aluminum framing have different cross-section structures, which can meet the needs of most customers. You are welcome to inquire anytime!

different types of t slot aluminium
different types of t slot aluminium

What are the most common applications of t slot extrusions?

T-Slot Framing is highly versatile and adaptable, extruded aluminum t slot also allows for quick assembly and disassembly, making it easy to move or replace as needed, t slot aluminum framing can be used to build both static frames as well as create linear sliding systems. Common applications for T-slot frames are listed below:

1. Equipment safety enclosures and protection systems

2. Workstations, test stations and benches

3. Machine bases and frames

4. Material handling systems

5. Tables, cabinets and lockers

6. Trolleys

7. Shelves

applications of t slot extrusions
applications of t slot extrusions

Are frames made with t slot aluminium strong?

Yes. Retop can explain that extruded T-slots are very strong in 2 ways.

1. T-Slot aluminum profiles are assembled by means of connectors. These connections form a strong joint between them. In addition to the strength of the T-slot aluminum profile itself. We also need to make a reasonable design in the assembly to ensure that the assembled structure is able to withstand the force from all sides.

2. In terms of raw materials. Most of the T-slot aluminum profiles will use 6063 aluminum alloy and T5 aging. This type of aluminum alloy has enough strength to meet all application scenarios.

strong t slot aluminium
strong t slot aluminium

T-slot vs v-slot

1. Differences in cross-section structure: T-slot profiles have a “T” shaped notch on each side, while v-slot profiles have beveled edges. Even this small difference can lead to different applications for the two profiles.

2. Different areas of application The v-groove profile is a diagonal groove that provides more support area. As a result, it has higher bending strength and load carrying capacity. Therefore, v-notch is usually used for applications such as supporting structures and frames with high loads.T-notch is usually used for applications such as supporting structures and frames with transverse slots in the center for fixing bolts and nuts. This allows standard aluminum profiles to be spliced into larger structures.

T-slot vs v-slot
T-slot vs v-slot

What are the benefits of aluminum t track extrusion?

1. Easy assembly and disassembly

T slot aluminum framing can be assembled and disassembled in just a few minutes. Therefore it is ideal for users who often need to change the purpose of use.

2. Easy to pack and transport

Since the T-slot frame is assembled from one t slot aluminiumprofile to another. Therefore, disassembled T-slot aluminum profiles do not have to pay the high price of welded steel to transport large structures. It is also easy to pack.

3. Easy to modify

T slot aluminum framings are all made up of different parts combined together. So if you make a mistake in your measurements, you can adjust it by adding or subtracting parts. If you build a table or workstation and feel that the height is not correct, you can easily loosen the screws and make adjustments.

4. Corrosion resistant

The raw material of aluminum t track extrusion is aluminum alloy, which is strong and has high corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can be used in any scenario with a long service life.

aluminum t track extrusion
aluminum t track extrusion

Extruded aluminum t slot extrusion sizes

The common aluminum extrusion sizes are 20,25,30,40,45,50,60 series. These series of extruded aluminum t slot are square.
20series, based off a 20 x 20mm square
25 series, based off a 25 x 25 mm square
30 series, based off a 30 x 30 mm square
40 series, based off a 40 x 40 mm square
45 series, based off a 45 x 45 mm square
50 series, based off a 50 x 50 mm square
60 series, based off a 60 x 60 mm square

t slot aluminium sizes
t slot aluminium sizes

What’s the 80/20 t slot aluminum framing?

80/20 t slot aluminum framing has many meanings:

1. It means the size of the T-slot aluminum profile is 80 x 20 mm.

2. 80/20 is a T-slot construction system that you can use to build almost anything.

3. In business, the 80/20 theory is a powerful tool. This theory is known as Pareto’s Law.

4. It is also the brand name of 80/20 Inc.

Extruded aluminum t slot price

We, Retop, can provide you the price within 24 hours. Please provide us with detailed requirements for aluminum t slot extrusion!

Does Retop stock extruded t slot aluminum?

Yes, we have plenty of extruded aluminum t slot in stock. Our aluminum profile production facilities can meet customers’ high volume aluminum profile orders. But if you need customized t slotted aluminum extrusions, we will need more time to make aluminum extrusion dies for you, send samples and so on.

extruded t slot aluminum stock
extruded t slot aluminum stock

Extruded aluminum t slot packaging and shipping

For t-slotted aluminum extrusion, Retop often adopts the method of wrapping film and kraft paper or bubble wrap. For each aluminum t slot extrusion, we will wrap the film first. Then wrap the bubble wrap or kraft paper around the outside. Then put it into the carton. Multiple cartons will be placed on top of a wooden pallet. And finally transported.

extruded aluminum t slot packaging and shipping
extruded aluminum t slot packaging and shipping
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