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How to choose suitable LED light aluminium profile?

Update Time : 2024-Mar-29
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LED light aluminium profile is excellent material for mounting and fixing LED lights. It plays an important role in LED lights. It is also a favorite aluminum profile for house decoration. Many shopping malls, hotels, offices, restaurants, homes and other occasions use LED aluminium profiles to install and decorate LED lamps. Aluminium led strip light profiles have the advantages of light weight, beautiful, good thermal conductivity, easy to extrude and so on. It is a high quality LED light partner. Retop provides various types of LED aluminium profiles. Meanwhile customized LED light aluminium profile can meet all customers’ needs.

Brief introduction to LED light aluminium profile

LED light aluminium profile is the extrusion of aluminum alloy raw material into a profile that can fix the structure of LED lights. So, in addition to install LED lights aluminum profile extrusion structure it also diffuses the light from the LED and extends the LED light life. Also it provides a stylish and elegant finish to the space in which it is installed.
LED aluminum extrusions can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are square and rectangular. They can also be made into circles and triangles, shaped shapes, etc. They can also come in different finishes that will present different textures. Extruded LED light aluminium profile can also be fitted with brackets, end caps or lenses.

LED light aluminium profile
LED light aluminium profile

Why do many people choose to use LED aluminium profile?

There are many advantages to using LED strip light aluminium profile, which is why extruded aluminum profiles go very well with LED lights. The specific reasons are as follows:

1. Aluminum profiles have excellent thermal conductivity. This trait can help LED lights dissipate heat better. rapid heat dissipation when LED lights work is conducive to better cooling of LED lights. Then prolong the service life of LED lamps and lanterns.

2. Easy to install and dismantle, the LED light is buckled together with the LED light aluminium profile. It is very convenient to install. At the same time, people can also be disassembled at any time without damaging the aluminum profile and the LED light itself.

3. Protect the LED light from damage.The LED light and the LED aluminum profile are combined together to reveal only the side that can emit light. Therefore, LED strip light aluminium profile can help LED lights to reduce the adverse effects of dust, moisture, impurities and so on.

4. Excellent decorative material. Aluminium profiles for LED tape can be made into various shapes, surface treatments and colors. It can meet the occasions of different decoration styles.

LED aluminium profile
LED aluminium profile

Ways to choose the right aluminium profiles for LED tape

If you don’t know about LED aluminum extrusion and need to buy LED aluminum extrusion to solve your problem. As a professional aluminum profile manufacturer, Retop provides you with the following factors that need to be noticed by buyers. Hope you can buy the right LED light aluminium profile lighting system.

Shapes of LED aluminum profiles

1.The most common LED aluminum profile shapes. Right angle, round, triangle, track and recessed are the most common LED aluminum profile shapes. Other uncommon LED aluminum profiles need to be customized by aluminum profile manufacturers.
2.LED aluminum profile installation method. Surface fixed, embedded, hanging are the three common installation methods of LED aluminum profiles.

Sizes of LED strip light aluminium profile

The second important factor that needs to be determined is the size of the LED aluminum profile. The premise of determining the size of LED light aluminium profile is that you need to know the width and thickness of your strip. Generally, the width of the LED aluminum profiles should be the same or slightly larger than the LED light strip. It is better to organize your LED waiting size and contact LED aluminum profile suppliers so that they can provide you with a reasonable size plan.
Retop as a professional aluminum profile supplier has many years of experience in manufacturing aluminum profiles for decoration. We will provide you with the most comprehensive size information to help you make a decision.

Surface treatment and color of LED light aluminium profile

1.The choice of finish and color of LED aluminum profiles is highly subjective. It is mainly based on your decoration or aesthetics to decide. LED light aluminium profile surface treatment has a variety of ways, such as: anodizing, powder coating, grinding, electrophoretic painting, wood grain transfer printing and so on. Each finish presents a different texture and style. We can provide you with project examples as your reference.

2. Performance of surface treatment. You also need to know that different surface treatments can give LED aluminum profiles different properties. For example, anodizing and electrophoresis will improve the corrosion and abrasion resistance of aluminum profiles. Powder coating and wood grain transfer are more beautiful and environmentally friendly.

3. Color selection. We Retop have a rich color database. You have a variety of choices, and we will also provide suggestions according to your usage scenario.

LED aluminium profile price

Price is generally related to quality. Quality and price are directly proportional. You can choose several aluminum profile manufacturers according to your budget. Let them provide you with corresponding price estimates to see which supplier’s price meets your budget. Finally, pick the best LED aluminum profile supplier with the best price/performance ratio. Retop’s LED light aluminium profile with good quality and good price is the most cost-effective supplier in the industry. Now we have exported aluminum profiles to many countries. And we have received unanimous praise.

LED light aluminium profile
LED light aluminium profile

Your best LED aluminium profile manufacturer-Retop

The above is the method of how to choose the right aluminium profiles for LED tape provided by Retop. Besides LED aluminum profiles, Retop also produces decorative aluminum profiles such as aluminium tile trim profiles, curtain track aluminum profiles, office partition aluminum profiles, wardrobe cabinet aluminum profiles and so on. We have more than twenty years of experience in manufacturing and exporting can help you make a better decision. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Our team is always ready to give you professional advice and support so that you can choose the right LED light aluminium profile. Retop Aluminum Profile is looking forward to cooperating with you!

LED aluminium profile manufacturer Retop
LED aluminium profile manufacturer Retop