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Aluminium profile cabinet wardrobes for Argentina

Name: Aluminium cabinet wardrobes profile
Material: Alloy 6063
Anodized color: Natural,silver,gold,etc
Length: 5.8-6.0M or customized
Type: ODM aluminum profiles
Price: 2.10/kg; MOQ: 300kg

Product Details

Aluminium profile cabinet wardrobes are beautiful, practical aluminum profile products. They are trendy products for modern decoration. Wardrobe and cabinet aluminum profiles are generally used in the border of the wardrobe and cabinet. And they play the role of fixing the panel. Meanwhile, aluminum profiles for wardrobes and cabinet can be processed into various colors and styles. So it can help people to decorate the interior or keep the same style with the interior.

Retop provides aluminum profile cabinet wardrobes

1. Retop can provide aluminum profiles for wardrobes and cabinet with different structures. We have thousands of aluminum extrusion molds. In addition, we will customize the molds according to the specific needs of customers. These molds extrude the closet and cabinet aluminum profile structure that the customer needs.

2. Retop can provide a wide range of styles of aluminum profile cabinet wardrobes products. We have various finishes and colors for you to choose from. The professional team will also advise you until you get your favorite style of wardrobe cabinet aluminum profile.

3. High quality aluminum profile for cabinet wardrobes from Retop. We produce aluminum profile products that meet high standards of aluminum profile requirements. Our products have international quality certification. Our closet cabinet aluminum profiles are made of high quality raw materials with smooth and flawless surface.

aluminium profile cabinet wardrobes
aluminium profile cabinet wardrobes

Detailed information of aluminium profile shutters kitchen

NameAluminium profile kitchen
Aluminum alloy6063,6063A,6060,6061
TemperT4, T5, T6
ColorsSilver, white, bronze, champagne, black, etc
Surface treatmentAnodized, powder coated, electrophoresis, wood grain, polished, etc
ShapeSquare, round, flat, oval, or customized
LengthNormal length is 6m or customer’s needs
UsageConstruction, decoration, doors and windows, etc.
AdvantagesProviding colorful products with various mechanical; adapting to the performance of various architectural styles
aluminium profile shutters kitchen parameter

Specification of aluminium profile shutter for wardrobe

Product nameAluminium profile wardrobes
MaterialAluminum alloy 6063
Anodized colorNatural/silver/gold,etc
Length5.8-6.0M or customized size
TypeODM aluminum extrusions profiles
FeatureStrong, stylish, durable, corrosion-resistant
Powder coating colorBronze, white
aluminium profile shutter for wardrobe information

Surface treatment of aluminium profile for kitchen and wardrobes

Aluminium profile kitchen and wardrobes have roughly similar surface finishes. Common surface treatments for wardrobes and cabinet are anodized, powder coated, electrophoresis, polished, brushed and so on. Different surface treatments present different textures and can cater to different needs of customers.

aluminium profile for kitchen and wardrobes finishing
aluminium profile for kitchen and wardrobes finishing

Aluminum profile shutter cabinet wardrobes colors

The common colors of aluminum profiles wardrobe are: white, silver, black, gold, grey, wood grain color, coffee color, etc..
The common colors of aluminum profiles for kitchen are: bronze, white, silver, rose gold, champagne, grey, black and so on.
In addition to these common colors, Retop can also provide other color options. There is always a color for you.

aluminum profile shutter cabinet wardrobes colors
aluminum profile shutter cabinet wardrobes colors

The cross-section of aluminium wardrobe cabinet profile

Structure of aluminum profile for wardrobes:

aluminum profile for wardrobes section
aluminum profile for wardrobes section

Cross section of aluminum kitchen profile:

aluminium profile kitchen section
aluminium profile kitchen section

Extrusion flow of aluminium kitchen wardrobes profiles

The extrusion process of aluminium kitchen wardrobes profiles are the same. The general process is as follows:

aluminium kitchen wardrobes profiles making flow
aluminium kitchen wardrobes profiles making flow

Packaging methods of cabinet wardrobe aluminum profiles

The packaging of cabinet wardrobe aluminum profiles is generally:

1. Carton packing: aluminum profiles are placed in cartons to protect their surfaces from scratching and damage.

2. Plastic film packaging: generally several aluminum profiles are placed in a transparent plastic film to prevent dust and moisture from entering.

3. Shrink film packaging: Shrink film is also plastic film. Shrink film can wrap the aluminum profiles more closely.

4. Foam protection: During the packaging process, foam or styrofoam may be added around the aluminum profiles to provide additional protection.

packing of cabinet wardrobe aluminum profiles
packing of cabinet wardrobe aluminum profiles

Appllication of aluminium kitchen wardrobe profiles

aluminium kitchen wardrobe profiles application
aluminium kitchen wardrobe profiles application

Retop factory

Retop factory
Retop factory

Description of aluminum profile for kitchen cabinets

Aluminum profile for kitchen cabinets are used on the edges of shutters. It protects, secures and decorates the cabinet panels. Most aluminum cabinet profiles come with handles to open and close the cabinet. The built-in handles are ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they blend in with the aluminum profiles. Aluminium kitchen cabinet profile can be extruded into various types of structures and appearances. Retop can customize your aluminium profile doors for kitchen. We have many options for you to choose from.

Is aluminum good for aluminium profile kitchen cabinet?

Of course, aluminum is a metal with many advantages. Aluminum is heat resistant, strong, and will not corrode easily. These characteristics are ideal for use in kitchens. That’s why it’s so friendly to use aluminum for kitchen cabinets. Retop uses 6000 series aluminum alloy material to make cabinet aluminum profile, which has the characteristics of easy extrusion, high toughness, high strength and corrosion resistance. It is a very suitable material for aluminium profile shutters kitchen manufacturing.

Which is better aluminum or stainless for shutter cabinet?

The use of aluminum or stainless steel to make cabinets is a question that many people will consider. Aluminum and stainless steel are not inherently good or bad materials. They each have their own advantages. The specific choice of which material to make cabinets has a lot to do with the user’s own situation. Buyers need to analyze specific problems. We have a comparative analysis of aluminium profile kitchen and stainless steel. Please contact us for more detailed information!

aluminum or stainless for shutter cabinet
aluminum or stainless for shutter cabinet

What is aluminium profile shutter for wardrobe?

Aluminium profile shutter for wardrobes are mainly used around the door, the bottom track or pulls. Aluminium profile wardrobes can provide good structural support and decorative effect. It is the closet decoration material that many families will use. Closet aluminum profiles are usually combined with glass and wooden panels to form closet doors. Closet aluminum profiles will match the style of the closet panels.

Aluminium profiles for wardrobes prices

The price of aluminium profile wardrobes is affected by a number of factors. The exact price of closet aluminum profiles needs to be determined by the specific needs of the customer. If you have clear requirements, for example, section, quantity, surface treatment, color, parameters, etc.. Retop will provide you with a detailed quotation. You are welcome to contact us!

Different types of aluminium profiles for wardrobes

The most common aluminium profiles for wardrobes are hinge door closet aluminum profiles and sliding wardrobe door aluminium profile.

1. Hinge door closet aluminum profiles. This type profile generally only part of the cabinet door around, handle, hinges and accessories. Or and handle integrated wardrobes aluminum profile. This type of aluminum profile has appropriate thickness and strength. It can support the weight of the wardrobe door and maintain stability. It is similar to the structure of aluminum casement door profile, which needs hinges to connect with the closet.

2. Aluminium sliding wardrobe door profiles. This type of aluminum profile includes two parts: the frame and the rail. The structure of this aluminum profile is similar to that of the aluminum profile for sliding windows. Sliding wardrobe door aluminium profile will not take up a lot of interior space.

different aluminium profiles for wardrobes
different aluminium profiles for wardrobes

Great features of aluminium profile for wardrobe doors

1. Lightweight and durable. Aluminum material itself is lightweight and strong, making the wardrobe structure lightweight but durable. Therefore, it helps to extend the use of the wardrobe.

2. Beautiful appearance. Aluminium profiles for wardrobes can be subjected to various surface treatments, such as anodic oxidation, spraying and so on. So it can present different colors and textures to create a more beautiful closet.

3. Easy to install and dismantle. Wardrobe aluminum profiles do not need to be welded, they word need to be assembled by fittings. Therefore, disassembly is also very convenient. Light weight is also very easy to move.

4. Easy maintenance. Aluminium profile shutter for wardrobe surface is smooth and easy to clean, just wipe with a mild detergent to keep clean, maintenance is convenient and time-saving.

Your trusted aluminium profile cabinet wardrobes supplier-Retop

Retop is a famous aluminum profile manufacturer in China. More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting has helped us gain more customers and friends. Now we have established long-term cooperation with many countries. Cabinet and wardrobe aluminum profiles belong to our decorative aluminum profile products. The decorative aluminum profiles we produce also include curtain track aluminum profiles, office partition aluminum profiles, ceiling aluminum profiles, bathroom door aluminum profiles and so on. We have a professional team to give you advice and make high quality and suitable cabinet closet aluminum profile products for you. You are welcome to come and consult with us!

aluminium profile cabinet wardrobes supplier Retop
aluminium profile cabinet wardrobes supplier Retop
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