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Wpc louvers interior vs. pvc fluted wall panels

Update Time : 2024-Jan-19
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Wpc louvers interior is an emerging environmentally friendly decoration material in recent years. And It’s very popular. And pvc fluted wall panels that have been popular long before. These two materials come to mind when people consider renovating their interior houses. But what is the difference between these two materials? How to choose the right decoration board according to your needs? are the first 2 questions that come to the mind of the buyer. Let’s take a deeper look at the differences and features between wpc louvers interior and pvc wall panels. Hopefully, it will help you make a better choice.

What is wpc louvers interior?

Wpc louvers interior are made from wood fibers, plant fibers, and building finishing materials made from a blend of polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride. These materials are mixed together and will then go through an extrusion molding process to produce various styles of panels. This mixture produces panels that are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and easy to maintain. WPC panels are typically composed of 70% wood fiber and 30% thermoplastic.

wpc louvers interior
wpc louvers interior

Characteristics of wpc exterior wall panels

1. Create natural environment atmosphere. Wpc exterior wall panels surface is wood grain pattern and texture, which can create the atmosphere of neighboring nature. The overall color and pattern allows people to relax. At the same time WPC panel overall is very clean and neat. And can create a clean and tidy environment.

2. Long service life. Due to the plastic content in the raw material, wpc louvers panels can resist rotting and insect erosion. This increases the service life of WPC wall panels.

3. Good insulation: WPC wall panels have better insulation properties. It can make your indoor realize warm in winter and cool in summer. So it is good choice to use WPC wall panels.

4. Environmentally friendly: They use recycled materials, which is the material that environmental programs would choose. This also saves a lot of resources.

5. Versatility: Wpc louvers interior can be used in a variety of applications both indoors and outdoors, including wall cladding, flooring and fencing.

wpc exterior wall panels features
wpc exterior wall panels features

What are pvc wall panels?

Pvc fluted wall panels are made from a synthetic plastic polymer. The pvc material does not contain any wood fibers. Pvc panels are also very durable and versatile. It is also the finishing material that many customers will choose. More detailed information, please click

pvc wall panels
pvc wall panels

Characteristics of pvc panel

1. Waterproof: The raw material of pvc determines that it is inherently waterproof. So it is also very suitable for wet areas. We can use it in bathroom and kitchen.

2. Low maintenance: Pvc panels are also very easy to clean, usually just wipe with a damp cloth and detergent.

3. Chemical Resistance: Pvc is highly resistant to chemicals, so it is suitable for environments that require exposure to corrosive substances.

4. Lightweight: Pvc is lightweight, making installation more time and labor efficient, especially for ceiling applications.

5. Multiple colors: Pvc panels can be made into a very wide range of colors and finishes. Buyers can have their own color ideas to achieve.

pvc panel
pvc panel

The difference between wpc and pvc wall panels

1. Different raw materials
WPC: Wpc louvers panel contains a large amount of wood fiber (usually about 70%), and mixed with thermoplastic resin and additives. It has a natural, rustic appearance.
PVC: Made entirely of synthetic plastic polymers for a sleek, modern look.

2. Appearance style
WPC: Wpc louvers interior primarily mimics the look of solid wood, providing a warm, natural aesthetic. It is therefore well suited to the needs of projects with a rustic or traditional look.
PVC: Provides a clean, simple modern style. Available in a variety of color options. Great for modern and minimalist design design styles.

3. Durability
WPC: Resistant to corrosion, rot and pests. However, wpc louvers interior is not as durable as pvc in terms of water and chemical resistance.
PVC: Highly durable, water and chemical resistant, suitable for harsher environments.

4. Maintenance
WPC: Wpc louvers interior requires less maintenance than traditional wood. However, if it is used outdoors, it will need to be sealed or stained, occasionally.
PVC: almost no maintenance, only need to clean with a damp cloth occasionally.

5. Weight
WPC: WPC wall panels is lightly heavier than pvc due to the wood fiber content.
PVC: Lighter weight, easier to handle and install.

6. Environmental impact
WPC: Considered more environmentally friendly than traditional wood due to the use of recycled materials.
PVC: The material can be recycled, but the process of producing pvc may have an environmental impact.

How to choose the right decorative panel for you?

Choosing the right decorative panel depends on the occasion you need to decorate and your own design preferences. You can base on the following for comprehensive consideration:

1. What kind of style you want to create: If you want the soft atmosphere of solid wood, choose wpc louvers interior. If you want a modernized environment, choose pvc fluted wall panels.

2. Whether the environment is wet: If you want to renovate the kitchen and bathroom, especially the bathroom, you can choose pvc panel. Because it has better waterproof characteristics.

3. What is the budget: The price of wpc louvers for exterior may be higher than that of PVC panel. But these are also related to the quantity you need and whether you need customized service.

4. Whether you require low maintenance: If you require very low maintenance pvc fluted wall panels are suitable for your needs. All you need is simple cleaning.

The above is about the difference between wpc exterior wall panels and pvc panel and how to choose the right panel. I hope you can combine your needs and realistic factors to choose the right decorative panel for you. We Retop also provide wpc fluted wall panels. And welcome to consult for it!

wpc louvers interior
wpc louvers interior