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Aluminium casement window sections with high performance

Aluminium casement window sections are common type of window. Many homes, hotels, and offices will choose to use aluminium casement window.

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Aluminium casement window sections are common type of window. Many homes, hotels, and offices will choose to use aluminium casement window. Because casement windows have the characteristics of easy opening and closing, good ventilation, simple cleaning and flexible design, they have gained the favor of many customers. With more and more users of aluminium frame casement windows, there are various styles and designs of aluminium casement window sections in the market.

Choosing the aluminium frame casement window is an important step. Aluminum profiles for casement windows produced by Retop meet the design needs of most customers, while the quality is guaranteed. It is the first choice for quality and inexpensive aluminium casement window sections. Until now, we have helped many customers design many casement window aluminum profile solutions.

Aluminium casement window sections
aluminium casement window sections

What is aluminium casement window section?

Aluminium casement window sections are a type of aluminum material used to manufacture casement windows. This aluminum profile usually has a unique structural design and production process. Aluminium casement window sections are usually made using an extrusion process. This aluminum alloy has several benefits that make it a common choice in window manufacturing. Casement windows open differently than typical windows to maximize ventilation and light. There are various styles of aluminum profiles for windows manufactured by Retop, such as sliding window aluminum profiles, aluminum shutter profiles, curtain track aluminum profiles, and so on. You can choose any aluminum profile products you need.

aluminium casement window section
aluminium casement window section

Aluminum casement windows parts

There are many accessories for aluminium frame casement windows. A complete set of accessories will ensure the proper functioning and use of the window. Here are some common aluminum profile accessories for casement windows:

1. Aluminium casement window handle and lock: These two accessories are the key accessories to open, close and lock the casement window.

2. Spindle and hinge: This accessory is the key component for the window to be able to rotate and open and close smoothly. It is also the key to fix and connect the window.

3. Sealant: It is used to prevent air, water and noise from entering the room, and can improve the sound and heat insulation performance of the window.

4. Springs: Springs are used to support and balance the opening and closing of casement windows to ensure smooth operation.

5. Glass: Glass and aluminium casement window sections together form the casement window system, which is the main component of the window. It also affects the heat insulation, sound insulation and safety performance of the window.

6. Corner code: The corner code is an important part used to connect and combine the window frame.

accessories of aluminium casement windows
accessories of aluminium casement windows

Aluminum profile series for casement windows produced by Retop

There are some countries that are very fond of using aluminium casement window sections. For example, South Africa, Ghana, Somalia in Africa; Ecuador, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Brazil in South America; Philippines, Mauritius in Asia. Most of these countries like to use aluminium casement window sections. And the size of casement window aluminum profiles needed in each region is different.

As an experienced aluminum profile manufacturer, Retop has window aluminum profile sizes for each market preference. If you need please contact us immediately, we can provide you with the right aluminium frame casement window! We also support customer’s own design of window aluminum profile drawings for design and production.

Retop aluminum profile series for casement windows

Application occasions of aluminium frame casement window

1. Living room. The use of aluminium casement window sections in the living room has a wide field of vision. At the same time to increase the lighting in the living room, brighter, which is conducive to the interior space visually larger.

2. Balcony. Many families will choose to use aluminium frame casement windows for their balconies. Balcony as people’s daily leisure place, good ventilation and sunlight is a basic condition.

3. Bedroom. General high-rise building bedroom or hotel will choose to use aluminum casement windows. Because the use of casement windows will have a more open view, which adds a different life experience.

4. Kitchen. The kitchen is an environment that requires ventilation. Therefore, the use of aluminium casement window sections is the most appropriate. Daily frying, or cleaning need better ventilation.

How to make aluminium casement windows?

The production process of aluminum profiles for casement windows is mostly the same as for all other aluminum profiles. Aluminum profiles for casement windows go through four processes: ingot casting, extrusion, heat treatment, and surface treatment. The specific production process is as follows:

1. First of all, the raw materials, aluminum ingots and other metal elements melted together, and then casting, homogenization. After this process, the aluminum matte produced is usually round.

2. Then the extrusion process takes place, in which the aluminum ingot passes through a die with a certain temperature. Afterwards, a specific shape of aluminum profile is formed. Cooling, straightening and cutting are then carried out.

3. Then aging treatment will be carried out, different aging treatment will affect the mechanical properties of aluminum profiles. Generally, we will determine the aging treatment according to the specific use of the aluminum profile. Or we will carry out the corresponding operation according to the customer’s demand.

4. After the aluminum profiles are formed they need to be surface treated. We offer a variety of surface treatment, the most common are anodized, powder coated wood grain transfer and sandblasting. After different surface treatment can present different colors, textures and styles of aluminium casement window sections. It can also extend the service life of aluminum window profiles.

Unique characteristics of aluminium casement window sections

1. Unique opening method: The sash of aluminium frame casement windows can be rotated along the horizontal or vertical axis, rather than sliding like sliding windows. This way of opening is more labor-saving and convenient.

2. The best ventilation and lighting effect: Casement windows can provide a large opening area in opening, which helps to realize good ventilation and lighting effect.

3. Easy to clean and maintain: Since the window sash can be fully opened, people can clean both the inside and outside of the aluminum profile of the casement window. Therefore, cleaning casement windows is easier and saves cost.

4. Strong design flexibility: Casement windows are opened in various ways and have high design flexibility. They can be adapted to a variety of architectural styles with more choices.

5. More security: Aluminium casement window sections can usually be configured with a variety of security devices, which is conducive to improving the security of the windows. This is important for both domestic and commercial buildings.

aluminium casement window profiles
aluminium casement window profiles

Casement window aluminum profile diverse design

Aluminium casement window sections come in a variety of styles and styles to meet different styles and needs. Here are some common casement window designs and styles:

Divided by window style

Aluminium casement window section can be anodized casement window profiles, sprayed casement windows and wood grain transfer casement windows.

Divided by the number of windows

1. Aluminium single casement window: Single sash, suitable for small size windows or small space places.

2. Double casement window: Two sashes open side by side for better ventilation and lighting.

3. Three or more casement windows: Suitable for large windows or places that require larger openings, providing a broader view and a larger ventilation area.

Divided according to the opening method

1. Upper-hung casement window: The lower part of the window is fixed, and the upper part is opened to the outside, which is commonly used in occasions requiring a certain degree of security.

2. Side-hung casement window: One side of the window is fixed, and the other side opens outward, which is suitable for places requiring ventilation in different wind directions.

3. Sliding casement window: The window can be both sliding and opening.

4. Customized casement windows: According to the customer’s needs to design a variety of shapes of windows, such as trapezoidal, round, crescent-shaped and so on.

casement window aluminum profile
casement window aluminum profile

How about the aluminum casement windows price?

The aluminium casement window sections price is affected by many factors just like other aluminum profiles. For example, the size, thickness, surface treatment, and structural design of aluminum profiles for casement windows. There is also competition between suppliers that can affect the price of aluminum profiles. Apart from that, if you have some customization requirements, this will also increase the cost of buying aluminum profiles for casement windows.

You customers and aluminum profile suppliers contact to get quotations and aluminium casement window details pdf. If customers need, we Retop will provide customers with detailed quotations and drawings of aluminum profiles. We are happy to answer your questions.

aluminum casement windows
aluminum casement windows

Reasons people use aluminum casement window profiles

There are many reasons to use aluminium casement window sections, such as the variety of opening options, the variety of design styles, corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning, and recyclability. No matter what the reason is for choosing aluminium casement window sections, more and more people choose to use aluminium frame casement window. As one of the high-quality aluminum profile manufacturers, Retop will continue to work hard to provide high-quality aluminum profile products, so that more customers can get the benefits brought by aluminum profile channel products.

aluminum casement window profiles
aluminum casement window profiles

Retop – the first choice for aluminium frame casement window

Aluminium casement window sections produced by Retop have been sold to many countries. And our customers are satisfied with our aluminum profiles, and some of them have established long-term partnership with us. Our aluminum window profiles contain many different series and styles, and we have more than 100,000 kinds of aluminum profile molds. We also customize our aluminum profile molds according to the needs of our customers.

Besides window aluminum profiles, we also produce door aluminum profiles, sliding door aluminum profiles, casement door aluminum profiles, bathroom door aluminum profiles and so on. We can help you solve the systematic aluminum profile solution! Looking forward to your cooperation!

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