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Ghana aluminium extrusion window profiles

Application: Window frames
Material: 6000 series
Temperament: T3-T8
Length: 3.0-7.2m or customized
Thickness: 0.4mm-20mm or customized
Price: 2250usd/t; MOQ: 1t

Product Details

Aluminium extrusion window profiles produced by Retop

Retop can produce casement window aluminum profiles, sliding window aluminum profiles, and other kinds of aluminium extrusion window profiles. If you need customization, we can make new molds.

1. Our window aluminum profiles are made of high quality aluminum ingot raw material.

2. We have more than 20,000 sets of molds, which can make many types of window aluminum profiles.

3. Retop uses CAD technology to design drawings. Help you make your own aluminium window frame profile.

4. From mold design to packaging, we have a professional process. Make sure you receive high quality window aluminum profiles.

Detailed information of aluminium profile for window

ApplicationWindow frames
Material6000 series
FinishGround, anodized, powder coated, PVDF, electrophoresis, wood grain, polished, brushed, etc.
ColorSilver, champagne, bronze, gold, black, white, gray, sand, anodized acid, alkaline, wood grain, or customized.
Length3.0-7.2m or customized
Thickness0.4mm-20mm or customized
Film standardAnodized: 7-23μ, Powder coated: 60-80μ, Electrophoretic film: 12-25μ
ShapeSquare, angle, flat, hollow, oval, triangle, u-profile, l-profile, t-profile, h-profile or customized
Free samplesCan be shipped in about 3 working days
Deep machiningCNC / precision cutting / punching / checking / tapping / drilling / milling / manufacturing
CertificationISO9001-2008 2. GB/T24001-2004/ISO 14001:2004/ GB/T28001-2001
Packaging detailsPE film for each profile/shrink PE film for each bundle, kraft paper/foam carton/carton box
aluminium profile for window parameter

Aluminium window frame profile finishings

The common surface treatment for aluminium window frame profile is powder coating. Besides, anodizing, electrophoresis, wood grain transfer can also be applied.

Powder coating colors of window aluminum profiles

RAL can provide you with various colors. We have RAL color options with a total of 200 standard colors. You can choose any kind of colors for your aluminium extrusion window profiles.

Structure of commercial aluminium window profiles

The cross-section structure of aluminium extrusion window profiles that have been produced by Riedel for sale in Ghana:

Application projects for window aluminum profiles

What are profile aluminium windows?

Aluminium profile for window generally refer to window frames made using aluminum alloys. Window frames are generally made by going through the process of heat fusion, extrusion, painting, and cutting. During the extrusion process, window frames of various cross-sections can be produced. Different countries will need different sections of window aluminum profiles due to different environments, customs and needs. Retop has 18 production lines, which can provide large quantities of aluminum window profiles. And we have tens of thousands of extrusion dies to make the right window profile for you.

Types of aluminium window profiles in Ghana

The most common types of windows in the Ghanaian market are sliding and casement windows.
How sliding windows are used: sliding windows can be made as top, bottom, left and right sliding windows.
The way casement windows open: back inwards and push outwards.
1. Aluminium sliding windows profiles. Sliding windows are more secure. Sliding windows are usually used together with large glass blocks. So it helps with light and sight lines in the room. It also does not take up indoor space because of the push-pull opening and closing method.
2. Casement windows. The most prominent feature of casement windows is good ventilation. At the same time sound insulation, heat preservation, and strong resistance to seepage.

Thermal insulation aluminium window frame profile

Insulated aluminium window frame profile, also known as broken bridge aluminum profiles or insulated broken bridge aluminum alloy. This type of aluminum profile means that a thermal insulating strip is threaded through the middle of the aluminum profile, which breaks the aluminum profile to form a broken bridge, thus effectively stopping the conduction of heat.
The principle of insulated aluminium extrusion window profiles is that between the inner and outer layers of aluminum alloy, heat-insulating materials such as hard plastic or nylon are used to separate the two. This design not only improves the thermal insulation performance of aluminum alloy, but also maintains the strength and aesthetics of the window aluminum profile. At the same time, the broken bridge structure can also be used with insulating glass and sealing tape. This will double the thermal insulation and sealing performance of the window.

Aluminium extrusion window profiles VS Vinyl PVC windows

The most prominent advantages of aluminum windows over vinyl windows are durability, corrosion resistance and colorfulness. Profile aluminium windows can be powder coated in a variety of colors. And they can handle all kinds of harsh weather. Good corrosion resistance. Long service life.
Vinyl windows belong to a kind of plastic, and aluminum windows compared to anti-theft and pressure resistance is relatively weak. And can not long resist the erosion of moisture and bad weather.

Aluminium profile for window parts

The structure of an aluminium window frame profile is very simple. There are mainly aluminum frames, glass, hardware, sealing materials and so on. All of these materials are indispensable in the installation and use process. We need to make sure that these materials are complete before installation.

What are the benefits of heat treatment for window aluminum profiles?

Heat treatment is also called aging. All aluminum profiles need to be heat treated. Here are the benefits of heat treatment for aluminum profiles.

1. Heat-treated aluminium extrusion window profiles will have better strength, hardness and stability. This will give the window aluminum profiles better compression resistance and stability.

2. Heat treatment helps to improve the plasticity of aluminum profiles. The improved plasticity of the aluminum profile will help the window aluminum profile retain its shape and structure better.

3. Improved corrosion resistance. Heat-treated aluminum profiles will reduce the chemical reaction between aluminum and the external environment, thus improving its ability to resist corrosion.

How to ensure the quality of aluminum profile for windows?

We will check the quality of aluminium extrusion window profiles at various stages. And click this link to help you choose the right aluminum profile for your windows.

1. Before production. We will test and check the raw materials. Make sure any raw material is of high quality.

2. In production. We have professional production equipment, which ensures that the aluminum profiles produced are of high precision. Secondly, there will be professional staff to supervise the production process. Check that the production equipment does not have any problems. There is no defect in the aluminum profile products produced.

3. Finished product inspection. After the production of exturded aluminium profile for window is completed, we will sample them for quality inspection. Ensure that the profile aluminium windows are the only ones that do not have any damage or defects.

How to buy custom window profiles aluminium?

Many manufacturers can help customers design and manufacture window aluminum profiles. If you need to buy aluminium extrusion window profiles, you can start by contacting the supplier and indicating your needs. See if the aluminum profile supplier can customize special window aluminum profiles for you. Retop supports customized business and we have many years of experience in customization. We have provided window aluminum profiles with unique sections for customers in many countries.

Maintenance of exturded aluminium profile for window

Aluminium profile for window have a smooth surface and are very resistant to corrosion. Its maintenance will not take much effort. It only needs to be cleaned regularly.

1. Use a mild detergent for cleaning. Use a soft rag to clean it.

2. Then regularly check whether the parts of the window aluminum profile are damaged and loose. Replace problematic parts in time.

3. Check whether the sealing strip is off or aging. Timely replacement of new sealing strips to ensure the sealing and heat preservation of the window.

Are your window aluminum profiles environmentally friendly?

Yes, our window aluminum profiles are very environmentally friendly. We use extremely pure raw aluminum alloy and high quality coatings. If the aluminium extrusion window profiles are not needed or need to be replaced. It can be 100% recycled.

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