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Advantages of aluminum louvre profiles system

Update Time : 2024-Feb-05
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Aluminum louvre profiles system is the first choice in modern building decoration. It has characteristics of rainproof and pressure resistant. Therefore aluminum louvre profiles systems have been used as building decoration materials for a long time. The louvered aluminum profile system is generally used to decorate the exterior of a house building. It can be your own house or commercial building, office building, etc.. Most customers choose aluminum louvre profiles system because louvered aluminum profiles are easy to install, use and dismantle. It is also less prone to problems and saves on maintenance costs.

What is aluminum louvre profiles system?

Aluminum shutter profile system is a collection of louvers, louver frames, adjustment systems and accessories. The aluminum louvre profiles system produced by Retop has many different types and specifications. It can meet people’s needs for various shutter aluminum profile systems. This includes the structure, shape, surface treatment, color, different sizes, various accessories, etc. of the shutter aluminum profile sheets. We will recommend the right aluminum profile system for louver sheets to the customers who need it. We can also customize the blinds aluminum profile system needed according to the customer’s needs. Please contact us if you have any needs!

aluminum louvre profiles system
aluminum louvre profiles system

Types of extruded aluminium louvres

There are many types of aluminum louvre profiles systems that are used in different areas of need. Some of the most common are as follows:

1. Fixed louver blades. This type of louvered aluminum profile means that the louvers are fixed and immobile. It is usually used in areas such as art galleries, commercial buildings, office buildings and so on.

2. Operable louver blades. This kind of louvered aluminum profile system will generally be used in office buildings and shopping mall buildings. People can adjust the angle of the louvered aluminum profile according to their needs. It is good for regulating light, blocking privacy and sheltering from the wind and rain.

3. Open shutter roof. This type of aluminum louvre profiles systems is generally applied to the top in the pergola. It is a very practical shutter sheet aluminum profile system. Installed on the top of the pergola, people can open the louver blades to enjoy the sunshine. It is also possible to close the louver blades to escape from the rain.

4. Sliding shutters. This shutter is meant to be fixed on one side of the house. Usually this side is the area that needs shade and privacy. The louvers are stationary and will rise and fall with the louver frame. You can always control the sliding shutters.

Advantages of aluminum louvre systems

There are many advantages of aluminum lourve extruded profile. These advantages attract many people and are the preferred shutter system material for most people. Our Retop’s louvered aluminum profiles are made from high quality raw materials and advanced production equipment. The specific advantages of aluminum louvre profiles system are as follows:

Meet a variety of aesthetic

Aluminum louver aluminum profiles can be made into various shapes, specifications and appearances. It can also be customized to the style demanded by customers. This greatly meets the various aesthetic needs of architects. It can also meet the style of different architectural projects. For example, modern, technological and retro projects.

Long service life

Aluminum profiles are characterized by corrosion and rust resistance. And it has a strong resistance to pressure and will not be easily deformed. Therefore, aluminum profiles are very suitable for outdoor use. Aluminum profiles are specially used for outdoor decorative wall products. It can maintain its original posture in the long-term wind and sunshine. These aluminum profiles also do not require frequent maintenance, only need regular cleaning to keep beautiful.

Easy to install

Compared to other metals, aluminum alloy is one of the lighter in weight. So no matter what product it is made into, its weight is relatively light. Most of the aluminum louver profiles are hollow or sheet-like. Therefore, it is very convenient and easy to install. The installation only needs to be assembled, without welding and cutting.

Energy Saving

Aluminum Lourve extruded profiles can help buildings save heat energy. In summer, users can close the louvered aluminum profiles to reduce the heat into the building, which is conducive to saving air conditioning resources. In winter, users can open the aluminum louvre profiles system. Let the building fully absorb heat energy. Increase the indoor temperature and reduce the use of heating.


Aluminum profiles are materials that can be recycled again. If the exterior of the building is decorated with aluminum profiles, it is conducive to improving the environmental friendliness of the project. At the same time, the longer service life of aluminum Lourve extruded profiles is also a saving of materials. In addition, modern society requires environmentally friendly building materials. Therefore, aluminum louvre profiles systems are very much in line with people’s pursuit of environmental protection.

aluminum louvre systems
aluminum louvre systems

Aluminum louvre profiles system provide by Retop

Retop can provide various types of aluminum profiles for louvers. We produce louvre profiles systems that fulfill the needs of both decorative and utilitarian functions. In addition, we also produce aluminum louver systems to meet the needs of our customers. We can provide louvres that meet the needs and ensure the quality of the louvre profiles systems. Installation of louvre aluminum profiles can bring practical and easy maintenance to the users. If you need any type of louvered aluminum profile system, please contact us!

aluminum louvre profiles system
aluminum louvre profiles system