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Curtain wall aluminium extrusion profiles for Guatemala

Brand: Retopalu
Raw material: 6063,6061
Temperament: T3-T8. T5, T6
Certification: ISO9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004
Thickness: ≥0.8mm. Can be customized
Delivery time: 15-20 days
Price: 2150usd/t; MOQ: 1t

Product Details

Advantages of Retop curtain wall aluminium extrusion

1. Our curtain wall aluminium extrusion are simple in structure, easy to install, easy to clean, energy-saving, efficient and airtight.

2. We provide two kinds of energy-saving curtain wall options: frame and hidden frame, which are suitable for all kinds of building exterior wall decoration.

3. Retop aluminium profiles for curtain wall has simple construction, flexible processing, short construction period and fast progress features.

4. It has superior performance, wind and seismic resistance, watertight and airtight, energy saving and environmental protection.

5. It is easy to maintain, panels can be installed separately, easy to replace.

6. It comprehensively meet the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction, safe and reliable, panel installation is firm.

curtain wall aluminium extrusion video display

Glazed aluminum curtain wall specifications

Material6000 series aluminum alloy
SizeStandard series curtain wall aluminium extrusion profiles, or customized
Surface treatmentFinishing, anodizing, sandblasting, powder coating, PVDF, etc
Deep machiningCNC bending, milling, cutting, tapping, welding, assembling, punching, drilling
CertificationISO9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004
Delivery time15-20 days
Aluminum alloy6063, 6061
TemperamentT3-T8. T5, T6
ColorWood, silver, black, white, brown, bronze, champagne, gold, yellow, etc. or customized
Coating thicknessAnodizing:8-12μ, powder coating:40-120μ.
Hardness6063-T5 is 8~12 degrees, depending on alloy composition
Length3m – 8m or customized
Thickness≥0.8mm. Can be customized
Delivery time(1) Mold development and sample testing: 15-20 days.
(2) Mass production completion: 25-30 days after buyer confirm the sample.
Packaging Protective film, foam. Pearl cotton, plastic bag, paper, shrink wrap, wooden box, carton etc.
Quality control100 quality inspectors
QualificationISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001; EN 15088
Glazed aluminum curtain wall parameter

Cost of aluminium profiles for curtain wall

The aluminium curtain wall price varies according to many factors, including raw materials of aluminum profiles, specifications, thickness, surface treatment, production process, packaging, transportation and market demand. Therefore, the cost of curtain wall aluminium extrusion encompasses multiple factors and needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. When purchasing aluminum curtain wall profiles, it is recommended to consider factors such as product quality, performance, price, and supplier’s reputation in order to select the most suitable product for your needs.

Surface finishing of curtain wall aluminum profiles

Sandblasting, anodizing, painting, polishing, and material are the most common surface treatments for curtain wall aluminium extrusion. These treatments not only enhance the aesthetics of aluminum profiles, but also improve their weathering and corrosion resistance. In this way, glazed aluminum curtain wall can be better adapted to various climatic conditions and use scenarios.

curtain wall aluminum profiles surface finishings
curtain wall aluminum profiles surface finishings

Colors of aluminum curtain wall profiles

The most commonly used colors for aluminum curtain wall profiles are bronze, blue, green, black, white, silver, beige and so on. The most common colors are white and silver.

1. White curtain wall aluminum profiles are very suitable for outdoor use because the color change does not absorb much heat. Applied to the curtain wall will also give people a clean, bright feeling.

2. Silver curtain wall aluminum profiles have a sense of fashion and technology. It is very suitable for the style of modern architecture. It looks clean and sharp.

Most aluminum profile suppliers offer a variety of colors to choose from. Or they will customize the color according to customer’s demand. We, Retop, a professional curtain wall system manufacturers can meet the various color needs of customers and also help customers to customize the color.

aluminum curtain wall profiles colors
aluminum curtain wall profiles colors

Aluminium glass curtain wall system applications

The most common occasions for use are office buildings, large shopping malls and building facades. There are also public buildings. Public buildings are generally established in a conspicuous position, with a high flow of people and social influence. Therefore, the building appearance of the aesthetic requirements are also high. The decorative and practicality of curtain wall aluminum profiles can well meet these requirements. If you have any requirements please contact us, Retop can provide both beautiful and practical exterior wall decoration solutions.

curtain wall aluminium extrusion usage
curtain wall aluminium extrusion usage

Aluminium glass curtain wall extruded sections

Below are the standard curtain wall aluminium extrusion that Retop has produced. We will also customize the structure of curtain wall aluminum profiles according to the customer’s curtain wall drawings to meet the requirements.

Production process of custom curtain wall system

The general production process of most aluminum profiles is as follows: smelting, casting into round aluminum bars, extrusion, cutting, surface treatment, quality inspection, packaging, and finally shipping.

custom curtain wall producing flow
custom curtain wall producing flow

Retop’s production equipment

Retop factory show

What is curtain wall aluminum profile?

Curtain wall aluminium extrusion profile is a kind of aluminum alloy frame used for installing curtain wall. It is usually used for the decoration of the outer layer of the building. It is an important part of the curtain wall structure, used to support and fix the curtain wall panels. With the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and easy processing, curtain wall aluminum profile is widely used in modern construction. In modern architecture, curtain wall aluminum profile is an integral part, which makes the building appearance more beautiful, strong and durable.

Raw materials for glazed aluminum curtain wall

The raw materials for curtain wall aluminum profiles are usually 6061 and 6063.

1. 6061 alloy has excellent heat resistance. After heat treatment, it still maintains the basic characteristics of aluminum. At the same time, 6061 alloy has outstanding corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, which make it stand out in many applications.

2. 6063 alloy, on the other hand, is widely used in the field of construction, especially in aluminum profiles for doors and windows. It possesses excellent corrosion resistance, tensile strength, and smooth surface quality. In addition, 6063 alloy is often used to make angle and tube aluminum profiles.

What is the role of curtain wall aluminum profiles?

Curtain wall aluminium extrusion profiles play a vital role in construction.

1. First of all, the most important role of aluminium profiles for curtain wall is to support and fix the curtain wall panel to ensure the stability and safety of the curtain wall.

2. Secondly, the lightweight nature of aluminum curtain wall profiles reduces the deadweight load of the building and helps to improve the overall performance of the building.

3. In addition, aluminum profiles have high strength and corrosion resistance. This allows the appearance of the curtain wall to remain unchanged for a long time, and it can also resist the erosion of rainwater, ultraviolet rays, etc., extending the service life of the building.

4. Helps save energy. Aluminium glass curtain wall with thermal insulation properties can effectively isolate heat transfer. Reduce the energy consumption of the building and provide a more comfortable indoor environment.

Are curtain wall aluminum profiles heat-insulating?

Aluminum curtain wall profiles themselves are not heat insulating. On the contrary, ordinary aluminum profiles have very good thermal conductivity, and many people use it to make heat sinks aluminum profiles. More than 50% of the total heat is transferred through the profile by heat conduction. Therefore, if you need heat-insulating aluminum profiles for curtain walls, you need to choose specially treated aluminum alloy profiles.

Thermally insulated breakaway aluminum profiles are insulated with a plastic that has a very low thermal conductivity. Such heat-insulating strips are usually made of polyamide nylon-66 material, whose thermal conductivity is much smaller than that of aluminum alloy, thus achieving good heat-insulating effect.

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