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Large aluminum extrusion profiles width is generally greater than 200mm. It performs extremely well and has wide application.

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Large aluminum extrusion profiles width is generally greater than 200mm. It performs extremely well and has wide application. Such as transportation, construction, and engineering industries. In addition to these areas, large aluminum extrusion manufacturers can be customized for other applications according to customer needs.

As a professional large aluminum extrusion manufacturer, Retop can provide profiles up to 450mm in width. Besides, we have 18 production lines with machines in the range of 500-4000ust tons. We can provide large diameter aluminum extrusions according to customers’ needs and make large aluminum extrusion profile that meet the requirements. You are welcome to inquire!

large aluminum extrusion profiles
large aluminum extrusion profiles

What is large size aluminum profile?

Large size aluminum profiles are much larger in length, width, and cross-section dimensions than regular aluminum profiles. Examples include: large aluminum extrusion heat sinks, pipes, automotive electric pallets, truck cross members, etc. We can compare these profiles with window and door profiles, decorative strips and curtain tracks to get the difference. These large size aluminum profiles have high load bearing capacity and relatively complex structure.

Nowadays, large aluminum extrusion profiles are getting more and more popular among people. Because they have lighter weight, better load bearing capacity, more corrosion resistance and more ductility compared with other metals. Therefore, the use of large-size aluminum profiles can reduce the need for repair and replacement due to rust, corrosion, deformation and other reasons. This facilitates better cost savings for the user.

large size aluminum profile
large size aluminum profile

Large aluminum extrusion profiles provided by Retop

Retop can produce large size aluminum profiles such as basic aluminum profiles (U-channels, square tubes, round tubes, aluminum corners, aluminum plates), large louvers, car bodies, car crossbeams, heat sinks, large t-slots aluminum extrusion, panel pillars for heavy equipment, etc. In addition to these, we can also produce large aluminum extrusions according to customer’s specifications. In addition to these, we can also customize large size aluminum profiles for other applications as per customer’s requirements. We have received many customized requirements since our establishment. So we have rich experience in customization. You are welcome to visit our factory!

General size of large aluminum extrusion

There is no fixed size for large aluminum extrusions in general. The size of large aluminum extrusion profiles will vary with suppliers, customer needs, project requirements, and other factors. Specific widths may range from a few inches to tens of inches, or they may be larger. For example, we have big size louvered aluminum profiles with a width of 300mm. We can also make louvered aluminum profiles in larger or smaller widths upon request. If you have a specific project or profile size requirement, we recommend contacting an aluminum profile supplier or manufacturer for customized information to meet your needs.

large aluminum extrusion
large aluminum extrusion

Large section aluminum profiles applications

Large aluminum extrusion profiles are widely used in a variety of industries. Nowadays, large-size aluminum profiles have become a substitute for many previous products, and the demand from customers is increasing. The most common ones are the following industries:
1. Transportation industry. Electric vehicle battery trays, trailer rails, truck beams, machinery support beams, train aluminum profiles, railroad aluminum profiles, subway train aluminum profiles, etc.

2. Pipeline transportation. Pipeline, gas storage pipe, hydrogen storage tank, pressure vessel.

3. Decoration industry. Flooring, building exterior louvers.

4. Electrical industry. large aluminum extrusion heat sinks.

Performance of large diameter aluminum extrusions

Material6061 alloy
LengthUp to 6 meters
Tensile strength Rm/Mpa120
Yield strength Rp0.2/Mpa60
Elongation % 16
Hardness HBW50
ColorSilver-white oxidation, white spraying, black spraying, customizable
Surface treatment Anodized, power coating
large diameter aluminum extrusions parameter

Large and small size aluminum extrusion profiles differences

1. Size. The most obvious difference between large aluminum extrusions and small size aluminum profiles lies in the size. As the name suggests, the diameter and width of large-size aluminum profiles are much larger than those of small-size aluminum profiles.

2. Different applications. Small aluminum profiles are generally used in construction and decoration. Large aluminum extrusions are generally used in transportation, pipeline transportation, automotive, aerospace and so on.

3. Extrusion molds size is different. The production of large-sized aluminum profiles will use a large aluminum extrusion sizes mold. Aluminum profile manufacturers can also customize the corresponding molds according to the needs of customers. However, the production process is the same for both sizes of aluminum profiles.

different sizes aluminum extrusion profiles
different sizes aluminum extrusion profiles

Alloys for large diameter aluminum extrusions

The 6000 series alloys are the most commonly used raw materials for large aluminum extrusion profiles. The most commonly used alloy is 6061 aluminum alloy, which is also a common raw material for other aluminum profiles. In addition to 6061 aluminum alloy, there are many other aluminum alloy materials to choose from, such as 6063, 7075, 2024 and 5083. The specific use of raw materials for large size aluminum profiles needs to be determined according to the specific project requirements and applications. We can provide many series of aluminum profile raw materials, welcome you to tell us the specific raw material needs.

6061 aluminum alloy
6061 aluminum alloy

How big can an large aluminum extrusion be?

For the length of the aluminum extrusion, the maximum length can be 6 meters. This is because the extruded aluminum profile needs to be hardened in an aging furnace. The length of the aging furnace is 6 meters. Therefore, the longest aluminum extrusion can be made by general manufacturers is 6 meters. About the widest width of aluminum profile, it needs to be determined according to the production capacity of the specific manufacturer. Therefore, you can ask a few more aluminum profile manufacturers to see which one can produce large extrusions aluminum that meet your needs.

large size aluminum plate
large size aluminum plate

Large aluminum extrusion profiles price

The price of large aluminum extrusion profiles is generally higher than the price of regular size aluminum extrusion profiles. This is because large aluminum extrusion profiles use more raw materials. It also costs more for surface treatment materials, further processing services and packaging materials. All these factors will increase the cost of large size aluminum profiles.

The price of Large Size Aluminum Profiles will change with each customer due to the different needs of each customer. Therefore the price of large size aluminum profiles is not fixed. If you want to know the price range of the large size aluminum profile you need, please consult the relevant aluminum profile manufacturer. We at Retop can provide you with a rough estimate of the aluminum profile cost. Please feel free to contact us if you need!

large size aluminum profiles
large size aluminum profiles

Why choose Retop’s large size aluminum profiles?

1. Reasonable price.

The aluminum profiles provided by Retop are of high quality. Our price is also reasonable. Quality products and price are often proportional. The aluminum profiles we offer are extremely cost-effective. We have long-term relationships with many customers. Our aluminum profile products are worthy of your trust. The more aluminum profiles you buy, the more discounts we will offer you. You are welcome to consult our aluminum profiles at any time!

2. Rich project experience

Since Retop was established, we have been receiving orders for large custom aluminum extrusions. We have accumulated a lot of experience in many large size aluminum profile projects. For example, customized molds, manufacturing, surface treatment, and subsequent deep processing. We are familiar with how to make better large-size aluminum profiles in each process. Since customers’ needs are different, we will make adjustments according to their specific needs and try our best to create big size aluminum profiles that meet their expectations.

3. Strict quality control

Retop has very strict requirements on the quality of aluminum profiles. From raw materials, extrusion production, to later packaging and transportation, each step in this process will be strictly monitored and inspected. Therefore, our finished products are in full compliance with high standards. Many of our customers are very fond of the aluminum products they receive.

4. High quality service.

Retop will provide high quality service before, during and after the sale. In pre-sale we will suggest reasonable aluminum profiles according to customers’ needs and help them decide which aluminum profiles best meet their needs. We can accept a variety of payment methods to make customers’ payment more convenient and safe. Customers can contact us online if they have any problems after receiving the large size aluminum extrusions, and we can help to solve them.

What are the strengths of large size aluminum profiles?

1. Lightweight and strong. This feature is ideal for aluminum extrusions used in construction, automotive manufacturing, and aerospace applications. Large aluminum extrusion profiles can be strong and lightweight at the same time. This is in line with the pursuit of lightweight materials in the automotive, construction and aerospace sectors. While reducing the weight of the product itself, it reduces energy consumption.

2. Corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance is the second reason why large-size aluminum profiles have gained popularity. Many environments that require large-size aluminum profiles are exposed to outdoor environments. Aluminum profiles with good corrosion resistance are ideal for wet outdoor applications. Common large-size aluminum products used outdoors include curtain walls, large window and door frames, and solar panel brackets.

3. Excellent thermal conductivity. Aluminum is an excellent thermal conductive material that can conduct heat quickly. This makes large-size aluminum profiles widely used in the manufacture of radiators, electronic equipment shells and other products that require good heat dissipation performance.

4. Good workability. Most of the large aluminum profiles are required to be customized and processed. And aluminum profiles have good ductility and processability. It can be extruded, cut and welded to become the products that customers need. This is the reason why many customers can get the products they need. Many manufacturers of large-size aluminum profiles support customized services.

5. Strong recyclability. Aluminum is a recyclable material. It can be recycled many times. This is conducive to saving resources and protecting the environment.

Retop deep processing service for large size aluminum extrusions

Most large size aluminum profiles may need further processing before they can be put into use. Therefore, deep processing services are also important for large aluminum extrusion profiles. Reotp can provide comprehensive deep machining services for aluminum profiles. Our services include precision cutting, CNC milling, bending, welding, laser cutting, deburring, countersinking, and assembly.

Retop produces aluminum profiles using high quality aluminum ingot materials, the purity of the ingot is high, and the quality of the aluminum profiles produced is good. In the subsequent production process we have strict quality supervision department to check the manufacturing of aluminum profiles. To ensure that the aluminum profiles produced meet high standards. After the manufacturing is completed we will check the finished product for any defects. We ensure that the aluminum profiles received by our customers are of high quality.

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